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 GR 92 - Camino de Ronda...
Girona - 11 Stages - 100Km. - Medium - One-way Route -
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Hoja  GR 92 - Camino de Ronda...

Path Grand Tour it moves along all l & iacute; nea shoreline and littoral, with great views over the bays of the Costa Brava and Mediterráneo & aacute; neo. It is never too far away from the coast, although in some places to do it is inevitable. At some points coincides with walkways and passes through places of great interest & eacute; s natural, as the Natural Park of Cap de Creus or Natural Park Marshes l & rsquo; Empord & aggravation;


Like all GR can go & iacute; whose entire territory throughout its route through the counties of Girona, in ten stages or in part from any of the towns through which it passes. We recommend consulting the offices of information & oacute; n tur & iacute; stica different localities


Its starting point is sit & uacute; a Portbou , near the border with France.

The trailhead is located in the town of Portbou , on the stairs leading from the street Mayor Miquel Cabr & eacute; and Muntanya Street and taking us above the village. Soon we came to a hill (200 m) from which you can enjoy a magn & iacute; fica view over the bay & iacute; a. Portbou and Cape Creus

This trail takes the n & uacute; number 92 in memory of the Games Ol & iacute; mpicos Barcelona held in 1992. Notably, the fire ol & iacute; & oacute OLYMPIC arrived; to Catalonia & ntilde; a by Emp & uacute; ries, the first Greek colony pen & iacute; insula Ib & eacute; rica. The GR binds, on the north by the European path E10, which reaches the sea B & aacute; BALTIC; to the south, contin & uacute; to follow the rest of catal & aacute coast; n to go, AHEAD & oacute; n, south of the pen & iacute; insula Ib & eacute; rica.

The trail passes through quite important locations. We therefore recommend that each route is organized in function & oacute; n their concerns, in order to fully enjoy the offers of all kinds to find & aacute; on the road (entertainment, art & iacute; sticas, cultural, gastronomic & oacute; mica, tur & iacute; sticas ...).


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Girona 11 100 Km. m. m. Media Recorrido Solo de Ida

GR 92 - Camino de Ronda | Entre Montañas

1. GR 92 - Camino de Ronda


Distance: 200 Km.Time: 46:00 h.
GR 92 - Camino de Ronda

We reached the population & oacute; n of Cholera. The trail leaves the coast and not resumed until about Llan & ccedil; & aggravation ;. From here & iacute; to El Port de la Selva walkway follows a somewhat steep but very beautiful. M & aacute; s later enters back inland to climb to Cape Creus, an environment that provides us with an aut & eacute landscape; nticamente dalininano because this stretch of coast was often cause for inspiration & oacute; n for the great painter.

* Roads round in El Port de la Selva : Lighthouse Sarnella the cove Tamariua The GR is now directed to Cadaques & eacute; s and Roses, in a section full of ups and downs that happen in a stunning setting, with coves, cliffs, the bay & iacute; a. Roses and variety of landscapes inside

Cadaques & eacute; s is known to be one of the v & eacute; rtices Tri & aacute; Daliniano angle; here & iacute ;, in Portlligat Creek, ten & iacute; home-workshop Salvador Dat & iacute;.

* Roads round Cadaqués & eacute; s
- Ancient road to Cape Creus
. - Old Nans lighthouse cove Road: from Sa Conca beach road to the lighthouse


* Roads round Roses:
- Roses from the lighthouse to the beach
Marinas. - From the beach of Cala Montjoi Marinas


The path now leaves Cape Creus and into a plain dominated by the r & iacute; os Muga and Fluvi & aggravation ;, we find the Marshes Natural Park l & rsquo; Empord & aggravation ;, consisting of a set of ponds, fenced grounds with vegetation & oacute ; ny floodplains which is a h & aacute; prime habitat for birds. Nearby there are many paths, observation booths & oacute; n, an observatory located in an old warehouse & eacute; n rice and an interesting point of information & oacute; n., The Cortalet

We arrived in Sant Pere Pescador and L & rsquo; Armentera through areas of houseswork and fields. The route is reunited here & iacute; to the coast to get to one of its points m & aacute; s interesting the set of Emp & uacute; ries formed by LITTLE medieval enclosure or Sant Mart & iacute; d & rsquo; Emp & uacute; ries and the site archaeol & oacute; cal. Founded in a & ntilde; or 550 BC, Emp & uacute; ries was the first Greek colony in the pen & iacute; insula Ib & eacute;. Rich and later Roman city

In summer you can access the site from an entrance next to the GR, which passes through a pleasant walkway through the ruins and the beach, where they STILL are remains of ancient Greek port. Its position close to L & rsquo; Scale, population & oacute; n. Sailor known for the quality of its anchovies

* Roads round L & rsquo; Scale:
- L & rsquo; Scale & ndash; Riells & ndash; Creek Montg & oacute ;.
- Cala Montgo & oacute; & Ndash; Suction tip.

We enter Overhaul & AHEADI; n in the massif of Montgr & iacute; to go up to the castle, situated about 300 meters and it offers beautiful views of the Medes Islands. AFTER We & eacute; s & iacute Torroella de Montgr ;, important town in the interior. Nearby est & aacute; L & rsquo; Estartit, where there is access to the Medes Islands


* Roads round L & rsquo; Estartit:
- The sea front & iacute; & iacute esteem of Montgr ;.
- Calas v & iacute; margins of the Costa Brava.
- Cala Ferriol & ndash; Pedrosa Creek and Cape Bar & ndash; Calella Creek.

The GR 92 is less than L & rsquo; but Estartit, Torroella, moves south through rural landscapes between SMALL as populations like Gualta, or Palau-sator Fontanilles. We are in the heart & oacute; n curd places of inter & eacute zone; s like & eacute ib populated, rich Ullastret House Gala Dal & iacute; Q & uacute; bowl or the medieval towns of Monells Cru & iuml; lles or Peratallada. But the trail leads to another population & oacute; n medieval, Pals

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