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 GR 2 - Del Pirineo al Montseny...
Girona - 6 Stages - 108Km. - Medium - One-way Route -
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Hoja  GR 2 - Del Pirineo al Montseny...

The GR 2 born in Jonquera and directed to Montseny Natural Park . It passes through areas of natural beauty such as the Natural Park of the Volcanic & aacute Area; nica de la Garrotxa, and also & eacute; n has inter & eacute; s for art lovers Rom & aacute;. Nico

The Jonquera is the main axis of the N-II and AP-7. From this population & oacute; n we left the town hall square of Jonquera, Agullana the road, we arrived at L & rsquo;. Estrada


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Girona 6 108 Km. m. m. Media Recorrido Solo de Ida

GR 2 - Del Pirineo al Montseny | Entre Montañas

1. Del Pirineo al Montseny


Distance: 108 Km.Time: 25:00 h.
Del Pirineo al Montseny

We move between crops and oaks, enjoying a magnetic & iacute; fica panoramic & aacute; mica saw Albera and Boadella. We entered Boadella d & rsquo; Empord & aggravation; and we went up the hill of La Salut (sanctuary and chapel). AHEAD & oacute; n, descend to Terrades and Vilarig, population & oacute; n with original STILL the old castle and the church, dating from the a & ntilde; o 1151. We passed the sanctuary of the Mare de D & eacute; or Life and reached Llad & oacute ;, village with an important heritage Rom & aacute;. nico (church of Santa Maria and Sant Feliu)

The path ascends to Sant Mart & iacute; Sesserres the foot of the Sierra de la Mare de D & eacute; u Mont, down to the Sant Jaume and gets back to SMALL or CanJou hill. But before we found Noguer Seguer & oacute ;, of a great house & ntilde; orial in which the writer Verdaguer (1845-1902) shaped his poem & eacute; & oacute ;. peak Canig PAFTER oco & eacute; s got to Beuda (church Rom & aacute; nica) and among fields and good vegetation & oacute; n, the former Benedictine priory of Saint Sepulchre of Palera, already mentioned in a & ntilde; o 1085, retaining the Rom & aacute church unique ( s. XI) and some monastic.

Then we come to Besal & uacute ;, populati oacute; n which houses one of the sets hist & oacute; rico-art & iacute; sticos best preserved Catalu & ntilde; & iacute to as; as an important Juder & iacute; a. We went to Ossiny & aggravation; and, shortly after & eacute; s, we enter the Natural Park of Volcanic Zone & aacute; nica de la Garrotxa. We, as & iacute ;, Santa Pau, medieval village and castle structured around the Plaça Major (s. XIII-XIV), which is arcaded.

We continue climbing to Sant Miquel de Sacot (670 m) through the volcanoes of Blackrock and Santa Margarida, and Cooperative Fageda. Can continue to worsen ;, & Jord information point & oacute; n Torquewhat. We crossed the beech forest known as Fageda d & rsquo; in Jord & aggravation ;, arrived at Les preses and climbed the hill of Saiols (1,100 m)


In an area of ??outstanding beauty, we left La Vall d & rsquo; Bas and went through Joanetes and Falgars d & rsquo; en Bas. Nearby are the dam and the bridge of Mol & iacute ;, a spectacular waterfall that is the point whence the R & iacute; o ;. Fluvi & aggravation The route then enters the Osona by Guilleries and Collsacabra and leads to Pruit and Rupit, and in the province of Barcelona.

enlargement & oacute; n Route: From Rupit GR from there and from Sau Seva and enters the Montseny Natural Park to reach Aiguafreda. The GR 2 has a variant in La Vall d & rsquo; Bas and connections to the GR 11 in La Jonquera, with GR 1 Besal & uacute; and the GR 178 in the Sau.

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