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 GR 178 - La Ruta de Serrallonga...
Girona - 2 Stages - 56Km. - Medium - One-way Route -
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Hoja  GR 178 - La Ruta de Serrallonga...


From the plains of the Forest to Sau , across the Massif Guilleries. We walked inside the region of the Jungle & mdash; known as the & laquo; & raquo water district; by the large number of sources, streams, and wetlands that groups spas & mdash; crossing Guilleries , one of the MOUNTAIN solid; Girona bears a greater wealth of flora and fauna, and where you can find a variety of routes


The path is based on Serrallonga biographies & iacute; a m & iacute; tico seventeenth century highwayman Joan Serrallonga , who lived & oacute; in more & iacute; it takes its name. His robberies took place in the routes through the mountains of Guilleries, a place which, by its luxuriance, gave him many places to hide. He was captured on October 31, 1633 and died & oacute; torturado Barcelona . There one sinf & iacute; n legends about their fechor & iacute; as & oacute and their relationship; n with the people of the region, which often helped him. Quiz & aacute; why his memory is kept, to STILL today, very alive


The City Sant Hilari Sacalm is celebrating the Feast of Serrallonga in September, with various festivities (like dancing Serrallonga) and t & iacute; peaks & laquo; men & uacute; s bandit & raquo; that produce the local restaurants for this occasion & oacute; n.

The whole area is one of great beauty and historical richness & oacute; rich. Options on car trips (routes Castles Rom & aacute of; nico, Modernism ...), cycling and walking are great. There are a large n & uacute; number of small CHILDREN itineraries from Sant Hilari, City of 100 sources, or from Santa Coloma de Farners towns many attractions both inter & eacute;. S

To access the start ofGR from Girona take the N-II road or the AP-7 motorway in direction & oacute; n south to find the C-25, which leads to Santa Coloma de Farners. Tambi & eacute; n can be taken in Girona the GI-533 road, which passes through Aiguaviva and a space for inter & eacute; Natural s included in the Pein: the volcano & aacute; n of Crosa, Sant Dalmai


The route starts at Santa Coloma de Farners , the capital of the region of La Selva, in the Town Hall Square.

Resumen de la ruta
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Girona 2 56 Km. m. m. Media Recorrido Solo de Ida

GR 178 - La Ruta de Serrallonga | Entre Montañas

1. GR 178 - La Ruta de Serrallonga


Distance: 56 Km.Time: 18:00 h.
GR 178 - La Ruta de Serrallonga

Leaving Santa Coloma de Farners (142 meters) to the north, parallel to the stream. The route has a sustained rise in the early stages: skip Ca l & rsquo; Agust & iacute ;, through the transverse axis, reaches the South & oacute; s, AFTER & eacute; s, the hill of Roscall (755 m)


We passed the oak Churches (TREE centennial) and Santa Creu d & rsquo; Horta , one of the churches m & aacute; s old Guilleries, as documented in a & ntilde; o 902 . We arrived at Sobir & aggravation; (946 meters), where there is a good viewpoint.

AHEAD & oacute; n going down to the village of Osor (341 m), which presents various elements of inter & eacute; s, like the medieval stone bridge, the church of Sant Pere, the tower dels Recs or streets and squares.

From Osor turn to climb to reach the hill of Nafr & eacute; and the sanctuary of the Mare D & eacute; u Coll ( 822 m), a former priowhile the twelfth century Benedictine. From here & iacute; worth climbing to the top of Sant Benet (1,149 m). But the GR contin & uacute; a flat road for about half an hour and come to a crossroads. We track m & aacute; s close to the right, it moves in and making huge steep descent zigzags. Among woods, we came to a clearing and AFTER & eacute; s, the hill of Serralonga one ESPL & eacute; ndido viewpoint on Susqueda. In 10 minutes m & aacute; s found a more & iacute; a neglected: it is Can Serrallonga , the place where I lived & oacute; the famous bandit who gives name to GR.

From here & iacute ;, we follow Susqueda dam until the Sau reservoir end of the route.

enlargement & oacute; n Route: The GR 178 connects to GR 2 in Sau . Tambi & eacute; n has two variants: from Angl & egrave; s the hill of Roscall and from the hill Serrallonga to Sant Hilari Sacalm , where you can return to Santa Coloma de Farners, the starting point of the route. From the Sau we can follow the path until you get to Vilanova de Sau, and municipality belonging to the Osona.

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