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 GR 1 - Sendero transversal...
Girona - 12 Stages - 140Km. - Medium - One-way Route -
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Hoja  GR 1 - Sendero transversal...

The layout of this path that begins at the Mediterráneo & aacute; neo in a hist & oacute place, rich as Emp & uacute; ries , runs parallel to the GR11 (Pyrenean) , but the & aacute; prepirenaica area, a large inter & eacute ; s Landscap & iacute; stico. The route passes through some localities particularly noteworthy in conformation & oacute; n hist & oacute; rich Catalu & ntilde; a and has the rom & aacute; nico main art hub & iacute; stico, with examples such as Besal & uacute; , Sant Joan de Ripoll Abadesas or .

We started the journey from its point of origin, but also & eacute; n can be partially covered from any of the locations mentioned in the description & oacute; n Route & raquo ;. We recommend ordering information & oacute; n. In local tourist offices

To access parttida point from Girona, take the N-II road or the AP-7 motorway in direction & oacute; n north until we reached the junction of the GI-623 leading to L & rsquo; Scale. Since all & iacute; accede f & aacute; easily to Emp & uacute; ries


In Sant Mart & iacute; d & rsquo; Emp & uacute; ries, we stand at the lookout over the sea there behind & aacute; s parish church. From here & iacute ;, we Major Street and headed towards the end of the wall, where we find the GR 92 , whose layout share for a while.

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Girona 12 140 Km. m. m. Media Recorrido Solo de Ida

GR 1 - Sendero transversal | Entre Montañas

1. GR 1 - Sendero transversal


Distance: 140 Km.Time: 34:00 h.
GR 1 - Sendero transversal

Come to Cinclaus with massif Montgr & iacute; To the left. Upon arriving, we left GR 92 & aacute; right, but we will continue to the left, by the way Viladamat. The route continues STILL between fields, on roads leading to Ventall & oacute; and Garrigoles. We climbed up the hill to Sant Pere (135 m) and the aggravation Valldavi & ;, and shortly after & eacute; s got to Camallera. We passed the cemetery and take the path up to Orriols Llampaies, population & oacute; n. Which highlights the arcaded square and castle

We follow the more & iacute; as (Can Onofre, Can Mero, Mas Silet, etc.) and came to a pond, the Bassa d & rsquo; Cosme, and Can Dalmau, near the road to Ollers Vilavenut. From here & iacute; continue to address & oacute; na & aggravation Esponell ;. Then we passed the old chapel of Sant Miquel (250 m), for Centenys, by caser & iacute; o de La Farr & egrave; s and Melianta, urbanization& Oacute; n fontcoberta Township. We continue walking among houses pay & eacute; s for the Pla de l & rsquo; Estany and finally got to Banyoles. The population & oacute; n that names the lake m & aacute; s largest in Catalonia & ntilde; a has a long history that begins to take shape under the monastery of Sant Esteve. The present church and the cloister dating from the eighteenth century and preserved parts like the chest of San Martiriano (s. XV) and an altarpiece of the fifteenth century. Plaça Major, the thirteenth century, shows some beautiful arcades and my hosts each & eacute; Wednesday weekly market. The lake, major leisure and aut & eacute; ntico backbone of the town, has lookouts to observe the birds and allows routes to discover the flora and fauna of this environment & uacute; nico. Lakeside is the Neol Park & ??iacute;. Tico La Draga

From Banyoles we headed Sant Martiri & aggravation ;, where we can enjoy a magn& Iacute; GRAPHICS lake views, especially from the viewpoint. AFTER & eacute; s and Usall passing through a cemetery, cross the C-66 by a bridge and left a forest of oaks left. An urbanization & oacute; n & Seriny leads to aggravation ;, town known for its interesting prehistoric Cave Park & ??oacute; rich and abandon the area of ??sports. AHEAD & oacute; n went through Gatielles source, cross the r & iacute; o Be a bridge and left a chapel on the right. The road climbs up to 200 meters from Cal Roset. M & aacute; s later walked a while on the C-66, we atr & aacute; s the City of Sant Ferriol and found the GR 2. The two trails run together a stretch to reach Besal & uacute ;, population & oacute; n a historical set & oacute; Rich-Art & iacute; stico considered one of the best preserved in Catalonia & ntilde; a. In Besal & uacute; Rom & aacute highlight the bridge; nico on r & iacute; o Fluvi & aggravation; and being closed miqve; (XII s.) Or home ba & ntilde; os Jewish rituals & iacute; a, one of three & uacute; this local mechanics & eacute; little discovered so far in Europe


Here is compl & iacute; a, by immersion & oacute; n total, the religious rite ba & ntilde; & oacute or purifying; n. The GR 2 moves down the street Major, while the DG 1 continues STILL on the street Can & oacute ;, leaving the church on the left, follow the road and take the path Olot Can Batlle. AFTER & eacute; s of this house are G & uuml Can; ell, N-260, the stream of Borr & oacute ;, Can Banyils and laugh at the Font. The path continues to climb, passing through the stream of Sales and reaches Torell & aggravation; (275 m). M & aacute; s later crossed the r & iacute; o Llierca for Rom & aacute bridge; nico and AFTER & eacute; s to cross the road Sadernes, arrived at the chapel of Sant Roc (430 m) and the hill of Palomeres (615 m). From here & iacute ;, the route back down amid a landscape t & iacute; pico Alta Garrotxa up to Oix (410 m), village of great charm. From this point vamo

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