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 Estels del Sud...
Tarragona - 4 Stages - 84Km. - 1.600Pos/1.500Neg - Hig - Circular Route - April 2007
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Hoja  Estels del Sud...

Estels Sud is a journey of five days in the mountains of Els Ports. Ports is a prehistoric rocks limestone border between Tarragona (counties of Montsi?, Baix Ebre and Terra Alta), Teruel (county of Matarranya) and Castelló (Baix Maestrat).

The path gives character to move to different cruise itineraries that currently are used by hikers in isolation and linear. Thus Ports massif knowing this place as a whole, with all its scenic, natural and cultural variety, which is very rich and varied is scrolled.

The trip consists of five stages, may begin or end at any of the five properties that work as start-final stage. It can also be done in both directions of travel either.

The stages are quite long, about 20 km per stage and with slopes of 1.000 m. per stage. So overall it is a journeypretty hard for duration of the conference.

On the other hand, the marking of the stages is far from satisfactory. We must be very careful not to lose the right way. Even at some points, it is seen as the marks have been specifically manipulate to mislead the mountaineer. Hopefully it is corrected as soon as possible.

We made the journey in four stages, cutting directly from the shelter of Caro, which was our starting point, to the village of Arnes:

  1. Refuge Caro - Arnes
  3. Harness - Beseit
  5. Beseit - Refugio Ferrera Font
  7. Font Ferrera Refugio - Refugio Caro

Resumen de la ruta
lugar Lugar Número de estapas Días Longitud Longitud Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Negativo Desnivel Desnivel Negativo Dificultad Dificultad Tipo de ruta
Tipo ruta
Tarragona 4 84 Km. 1600 m. 1500 m. Alta Recorrido Circular

Estels del Sud | Entre Montañas

1. Refugio de Caro - Arnes


Up/Downhill 200 m. - Up/Downhill 800 m.Time: 06:30 h.
Refugio de Caro - Arnes

We went back sides & aacute; s Refuge following the GR to fetch track Chewing the Foie Gras. When we took a couple of quil & oacute; m track, turn off on a path to the left (GR), which lead us & aacute; until Foie Gras. We put attention & oacute; n for the bulls grazing in these meadows. From here & iacute; through the hills of Carabasses Caubet and arrive at the Refuge clotes (not saved).

A few meters passing the shelter of clotes take a path that is std & iacute; aa left. After taking this dev & iacute; oya few minutes will leave a forest path


While this track, we descend to cross the r & iacute; o Dels Estrets, we advanced down the track to the left let's play area, and a few meters we found a dev & iacute; or left to take us & aacute; to Estrets d'Arnes.

At the end of Estrets and before subida cobbled we carry & aacute; to a track, continue along a parallel path to r & iacute; o, first labeled PR and AFTER & eacute; s cross the r & iacute;. or, leaving the PR

Then find a track that lead us & aacute; to another, is paved, which soon leave to take the path through the Mas Nou lead us & aacute; Harness up.

Where to sleep:

The Corral d'Arnes
. C / Llu & iacute; s Companys, 65
Tel & eacute; phone: 977.43.56.29
Mail: locorral.arnes@telefonica.net

The Corral d'Arnes & nbsp; is a lovely luagr, a cozy rural house, where a couple of rooms reserved for & quot; & quot ;. trekineros Homeowners a bell & iacute; pers potholesones that I har & aacute; n feel at home. And the excellent food, all at a reasonable price.

2. Arnes - Beseit


Distance: 20 Km.Up/Downhill 900 m. - Up/Downhill 900 m.Time: 09:00 h.
Arnes - Beseit

We left Arnes by the same road that got in the previous step, until near the Mas Nou, where we turn right onto a track and then take the first road to the right (in this section has been made a cutting TREES convirti & eacute; ndose a firewall) and m & aacute; s afternoon take a hint again to reach an std & iacute;. or left shortly before the Coll de la Creu

Passing near the Mas de la Creu and walking the m & aacute; margins of fields, will climb a hillock, from which in a free fall and we will & nbsp; to meet the Riuet de les Valls, and remount passing under the Roca Grossa until paradis & iacute; acos meadows where we find the ruins of the Mas de les Valls, cross the r & iacute; o take the path through the Coll de XERT & oacute; We carry & aacute; to r & iacute; o Algars, slightly above the Toll of Glass


We continue along the track to take the path of Costa d'Arrancapets, through the & nbsp; Coll of Zany, climb to the top of the Penyagalera, Grand & iacute; fico viewpoint of landscape that surrounds us


In all uptown Penyagalera, there will be & aacute; you pay attention & oacute; n the path, since the path lengths is & aacute; a little lost.

& nbsp; path we take down & aacute; to fisheries, we will enjoy spectacular views of the Rac & oacute; Sant Antoni. Once in the r & iacute; & oacute or Ulldem; and Fisheries, and by track Beseit reach.

Where to sleep:

Trail Tourism Services C / Arrabal del Pont, 16
Tel & eacute; phone: 978.85.07.56
Mail: info@websenda.com

When we made the crossing & iacute; a in 2007, this shelter STILL was not open and we spent the night in a hostel Beseit, La Posada Roda: site porecommended co STILL nthat the food was not bad


3. Beseit - Refugio Font Ferrera


Distance: 18 Km.Up/Downhill 800 m. - Up/Downhill 100 m.Time: 07:00 h.
Beseit - Refugio Font Ferrera

To make this stage we have two alternatives. The option & oacute; n & aacute m; s & quot; quiet & quot; and suitable for all p & uacute; & aacute blicos be; go for the GR-8, we can even cut way Clot Ma & ccedil;. ana

The other alternative is for the G & uacute; bias of Parrisal is & ntilde; Alizada with & quot; l'estel & quot ;, we describe AHEAD & oacute; n and where we must be wary of the Paso del Romeret


In the first half of this stage will go up the valley of r & iacute; o Matarranya, as & iacute; we will leave following Beseit entire track to drive us & aacute; until Parrissal. Where the trail begins just a nice path parallel to r & iacute; o, fitted piecewise by walkways to get our feet wet we will save many times


We'll walk surrounded by lofty walls, slender needles. When we get & nbsp; the G & uacute; bias, we have two options, function & oacute; n water flow and desireof soaking to have.

The m & aacute; s simple, if flow allows, is followed by the & nbsp; r & iacute; o and across the strait. This passage is stunning, the walls rise m & aacute; s one hundred feet on either side haci & eacute; ndonos feel so small & ntilde; os in this kind of cathedral


The other option & oacute; n is the Pas Romeret. Before coming to close out a path to the left. We climbed a few hundred meters altitude, it will make us & aacute; n sweat and we especially har & aacute; n enjoy & nbsp; spectacular views. Habr & aacute; you pay attention & oacute; na descent as there very exposed sections, where we will have to take & nbsp; hard up the steps & ntilde; os and chains are installed to facilitate passages m & aacute; s exposed


This trail is not recommended for people with v & eacute;. Vertigo or without experience in such passages

Once you reach the other side of the strait, continue R & iacute; oabove, shortly after & eacute; s of the Pont de la Guimerana & nbsp; (No I searched & eacute; ning is STILL bridge, is a gorge) off to the right path that will make us the & aacute; climb the canyon Coscollosa, we go past several yews, one monumental.

At the exit of the ravine and AFTER & eacute; s find a raft in Prats d'en Rubera the call Xalet del Rei, from here & iacute; and always surrounded by pine forests, along paths and tracks reach the refuge of the Font Ferrera.

Where Sleeping:

Refuge Font Ferrera
T & eacute; lefono 977.58.86.68

4. Refugio Font Ferrera - Refugio Caro


Distance: 18 Km.Up/Downhill 700 m. - Up/Downhill 700 m.Time: 05:00 h.
Refugio Font Ferrera - Refugio Caro

We left the refuge crossing magnetic & iacute; GRAPHICS pine forests, following the GR (we will not stop all the d & iacute; a), first track and AFTER & eacute; s taking the path that passes through the source Bassiol and below the Negrell.

We will be taking track of Vallcaneres and turn aside to follow direction & oacute; na Cassettes Velles through the refuge Mas Frare. From Cassettes Velles we go a long stretch of track through the & nbsp; Font doing the road to Llagosta Vidre Cova, Grand & iacute; & oacute fica formation, built into a cliff n


Going under the Crest Marturi will reach the Coll de Pallers, and here & iacute; go down to the track to find Carrasqueta Coll. The follow up to the Refugio de Caro.

Where to sleep:

Caro Refuge Tel & eacute; phone: 977.26.71
Mail: refugidecaro@hotmail.com

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