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 Cavalls del vent...
Girona - 7 Stages - 67Km. - 2.890Pos/4.400Neg - Medium - Circular Route - June 2005
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Hoja  Cavalls del vent...

Horses, the vent

Cavalls Vent is a journey of 8 shelters saved within the natural park Moixeró.

The Natural Park Moixeró is the largest in Catalonia and is located between the provinces of Barcelona, ??Girona and Lleida, in the area of ??the counties of Berguedá, Alt Urgell and Cerdanya.

The entire route is marked with orange mark.

The journey takes place in altitudes between 910 meters to 2,510 meters. The total positive altitude is approximately 5200 meters.

We split the trip into two halves, so we made a first half three days:

  1. Refugi Rebost - Refugi Niu de l'Àliga
  3. Refugi Niu de l'Aliga - Sant Jordi Refugi
  5. Refugi Sant Jordi - Refugi Rebost

And a second half four days:

  1. Refugi Estasen - Refugi Gresolet
  3. Refugi Stonewareolet - Sant Jordi Refugi
  5. Refugi Sant Jordi - Refudi Prats d'Aguilo
  6. .     
  7. Refugi Prats d'Aguilo - Refugi d'Estasen

Resumen de la ruta
lugar Lugar Número de estapas Días Longitud Longitud Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Negativo Desnivel Desnivel Negativo Dificultad Dificultad Tipo de ruta
Tipo ruta
Girona 7 67 Km. 2890 m. 4400 m. Media Recorrido Circular

Cavalls del vent | Entre Montañas

1. Refugi del Rebost - Refugi de Niu de l'Àliga


Distance: 8 Km.Up/Downhill 880 m. - Time: 3:30 h.
Refugi del Rebost - Refugi de Niu de l

The shelter Rebost (1640m) has an excellent view over the Alt Bergued & aggravation; and since it is reform & oacute; has the air of an old house pay & eacute; s. Situated amidst pine forests and black & aacute; LBAR, and the first alpine meadows, gives back to the MOUNTAIN that we have to climb. A path marked with yellow (old brands UEC) brings in steady but gentle climb up Comafloriu.

From Serrat Gran climbed since the GR150.1, and almost TREES and much meadow, and m & aacute; s views, crowned the summit through & iacute; a. Niu de l '& Agrave; League (2510M), straddling the Bergued & aggravation; and Cerdanya is the refuge m & aacute; s high Pyrenean est & aacute; kept all the a & ntilde; o. Adem & aacute; s & oacute station has; n & oacute meteorol, logical and c & aacute; mara TV we sometimes teach & ntilde; an the weather in La Molina. The best thing about this section is look: Montseny, Montserrat has an average Catalu & ntilde; on a d & iacute; a clear and careful observer can start making inventory of known bugs; chamois, bearded, & aacute; royal eagle, woodchuck, grouse, buzzard, har ... us & aacute; n compa & ntilde; & iacute; a for all return


Refugi Niu de l '& Agrave; League (Bag & aggravation;)
Tel: 647.47.77.74

2. Refugi de Niu de l'Aliga - Refugi de Sant Jordi


Distance: 13 Km.Up/Downhill 360 m. - Up/Downhill 1.450 m.Time: 07:00 h.
Refugi de Niu de l

Lowering Tossa d'Alp of by GR150.1, find a scree occupy us first & aacute; 10 minutes of attention & oacute; n, I will come back to ride m & aacute; s pleasant meadows and forest . We passed the Coll de Jou, a former smugglers and maquis step from . Where the climb begins Penyes Altes
& nbsp;
The & uacute; last few hundred meters of steep ramp, confirm its status as oacute; n top

(2279m), many Catalans cut their teeth riding & ntilde; & iacute ;. ism here Priate book does a test of patience inquebrantable.

We went down careneando by Collet Roset Prat de Moixer & oacute ;, copy alpine meadow, with its simp & aacute; tica mixed grazing and wildlife: horses and cows live with hares, chamois and jackdaws. In Moixer Coll & oacute; (. 1972 m) we follow the GR and abandon the path of Horses, the Vent and go towards the Refugi Sant Jordi cutting through the Coll del Pendis to make the crossing & iacute; a three d & iacute;. As

Sant Jordi Refugi FEEC (Guardiola Bergued & aggravation;)
Tel: 619.23.98.60

3. Refugi de Sant Jordi - Refugi del Rebost


Distance: 14 Km.Up/Downhill 950 m. - Up/Downhill 850 m.Time: 07:00 h.
Refugi de Sant Jordi - Refugi del Rebost

The refuge Sant Jordi or the Font of Faig, is one of the Cl & aacute; & ntilde musicians of Catalonia, a.

We went down to Cal Escriu (1310m.), The variant of GR107 address & oacute; South n, and an effort to half hour we planted in Coll d'Escriu (1509m) in the midst of beech and pine

We started down a wide path within a stunning beech to Gr & eacute; Ixer where we left GR, cross the road from Coll de Pal and saved an R & iacute; or Cal Tinent (910m). Start the comeback; a path of yellow markings leads to a strong rise between fields to the house Millar & egrave; s (1230 m.). Inbetween forests climbed 45 min. m & aacute; s to . our starting point, the Rebost

We arrived dead but satisfied, happy and eager to return


Refugi Rebost UEC (Bag & aggravation;)
Tel: 608.73.67.14

4. Refugi Lluís Estasen - Refugi Gresolet


Distance: 5 Km.Up/Downhill 100 m. - Up/Downhill 600 m.Time: 1:45 h.
Refugi Lluís Estasen - Refugi Gresolet

The mountain refuge bears the most traditional in the park. The man who gave him his name, opened the first climbing routes in Pedraforca. Today most visitors come down the pan between the two peaks. Down the Jaça dels Prats cross the track and take the path that goes directly to Gresolet.

Coming down we, but by a narrow path between beech and pine, and water quantity. The path is narrow and we need to be vigilant.

At the end, a steep slope up to the front of the shelter snorting Gresolet (1243m).

Refugi Gresolet (Saldes)
Tel: 93.744.11.02

5. Refugi de Gresolet - Refugi de Sant Jordi


Distance: 5 Km.Up/Downhill 100 m. - Up/Downhill 700 m.Time: 07:00 h.
Refugi de Gresolet - Refugi de Sant Jordi

The safe house is Gresolet m & aacute; s low of eight, but est & aacute; so into the forest tranquility not run ning STILL danger (in time & aacute mushroom is not, safe or in the tops).

In a magnetic & iacute; fico beech, a path back r & aacute; Coll rapidly until the Bauma (1577m)


Take advantage to expand the share of observations; c & aacute; tail salamander, marten, black cock, lizard, a snake, ... SL (local path) up to Coll of Bena, where we are meeting with the GR Cathars, now address & oacute; n North. Notice how the vegetation & oacute; n assumes at times completely air mediterr & aacute; neos; thyme, lavender, ... Passing through St-Mart & iacute; Puig and his beautiful chapel Rom & aacute; nica, come down to the point m & aacute; s on our tour, Cal Cerdanyola (910m)


Here & iacute; we take the PR that we upload the torrent dels Empedrats, one of the sites m & aacute; s spectularares Park. Do not forgot & eacute; is seeking Bullidor of Llet. We take to the left and climb through beech and pine trees to find refuge Sant Jordi (1565m).

Sant Jordi Refugi FEEC (Guardiola Bergued & aggravation;)
Tel: 619.23.98.60

6. Refugi de Sant Jordi - Refudi de Prats d'Aguiló


Distance: 10 Km.Time: 05:30 h.
Refugi de Sant Jordi - Refudi de Prats d

We left the path of Horses, the Vent and climb the Coll del Pendis for diriginos towards refugi Prats d'Aguil & oacute;

We take again GR150.1 address & oacute; n Western hull and up the eye to the magnificent views from the Pradell until Pas dels Bous (2253m), where we point atr & aacute; s & oacute the Moixer; and we enter the Cad & iacute;.

Here & iacute; we left GR and flanking the Cad & iacute ;, & oacute address; n NO, through meadows and rocks in direction & oacute; Pla de Creus (O), going down to reach the refuge Prat d'Aguil & oacute; (2010m) we see before us a half descent; carefully in fog on this stretch. We climb about 150m to go.

Refugi Prat d'Aguil & oacute; FECC (Montell & aggravation; -Martinet)
Tel: 639.71.40.87

7. Refugi de Prats d'Aguiló - Refugi de Lluís Estasen


Distance: 12 Km.Up/Downhill 500 m. - Up/Downhill 800 m.Time: 6 h.
Refugi de Prats d

The shelter d'Aguil & oacute; is the basis for attacking the m & uacute; v & iacute multiple, as climbing the wall of Cad & iacute ;. Let rise for PR124 (Cam & iacute; Reapers) and within an hour by meadows and scree to the Pas dels Gosolans (2430M), with stunning views over the Pedreforca and Cad & iacute; (Image above).

The contrast with the previous stage scenario is brutal: Alpine environment with just some M & aacute; s grass, as you see here & iacute; alg & uacute; n & aacute; royal eagle, hawk & oacute; n, ... On the south side we expect the impressive Pedraforca, and went down to the mountain Pedragosa Collell (1845m)


A track eventually leads to Lluis Estasen refuge (1640m). Do not pass the ladders and the original pulley system has mounted the dean of the guards. Look also & eacute; n & oacute as vegetation; n becomes gradually regain prominence, with forests of white pine, black pine, larch and beech occupiesGresolet valley bottom.

Refugi Llu & iacute; s Estasen FEEC (Saldes)
Tel: 608.31.53.12

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