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Red Sea , is located south of the pen & iacute; insula of Sina & iacute; , rode & aacute; ndola the Gulf of Suez and Gulf of Aqaba


The diving was earned South pen & iacute; insula of Sina & iacute; , a pen & iacute; insula shaped tri & aacute; angle invested, located in the region & oacute; n so & aacute; tica of Pr & oacute; maximum East. Pol & iacute; ly belongs to Egypt, bordered to the north by the Mediterráneo & aacute sea neo, on the west by the Isthmus of Suez (which binds to AFRICA and through which runs the Suez Canal), on the east by the border Israel, on the northeast by the Gaza Gaza and south to the Red Sea. Its v & eacute; Southern rtice enters the Sea defining two gulfs cited therein, to the west the Gulf of Suez , and to the east the Gulf & nbsp; Aqaba .

The Red Sea is narrow and elongated, surrounded byMOUNTAIN as an average height between 1000 and 1500 meters


One of the factors m & aacute; s relevant to this sea is the great evaporation, & oacute; n of water, about 200 cents & iacute; a & ntilde meters; or & nbsp; it is due to the high air temperature and aridity of the regions around the Red Sea.

The lack of fresh water from the r & iacute; os and limited water exchange with the Oc & eacute; anus RIVER ndico, causes a significant increase in salinity, which is the m & aacute; s highest of all the seas of Earth .

Another character & iacute; distinctive acoustic Red Sea is that it has a temperature of about 21 degrees at 1,000 feet deep. The cause of this phenomena & oacute; unusual phenomenon is due to the fracture of large land masses that causes the magma from the mantle of the earth rise and & nbsp; Hot water from the sea.

The Coast Red Sea is surrounded by coral formations are generally quiteuniform, interrupted by BAY and estuaries as in & aacute; Arabic have different names according to their morphology & iacute; a. The lugare & ntilde; os distinguish between Marsa, one bah & iacute; a F & aacute; easy access, open or with a large porch and the & nbsp; sandy bottom hard coral, & nbsp; and m & aacute Sharm; s deep, characterized by narrow and dif & iacute entry easy to identify from the sea

The starting point of our dives was the port of Sharm el-Sheikh is a city in the pen & iacute; insula Sina & iacute ;, located at the southern tip of the pen & iacute; insula, among the coastline of the Red Sea and Mount Sinai & iacute;.

Our snorkeling trip was organized from Barcelona by http://www.vanasdive.com/ , came with us and an instructor this center, our beloved, fun and professional Crist & oacute; bal, and & nbsp; all & iacute; in the Red Sea and sailed con a ship called & ldquo; I & rdquo Golden Emperor ;, fleet of dive boats & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Company & ldquo; Let & rdquo ;, Quen Flet http://www.seaqueenfleet.com/es/nuestra-flota/golden-emperor-i

On the boat ten & iacute; masters two instructors m & aacute; s, Lara, espa nationality & ntilde; wave, which works for the company and an instructor & aacute; rabe, Hasan, the crew & oacute; n, charming and 15 people willing to enjoy Diving & nbsp; the Red Sea.

Map dips & nbsp; south of the pen & iacute; insula Sina & iacute ;.

& nbsp;

Local Dives of Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh is a city that looks out over the desert east coast Sina & iacute ;, half way between the Strait of Tiranand the southern end of Ras Mohammad. The Sharm el-Sheikh uses a position & oacute; n tur & iacute; sticamente strat & eacute; logic, I found


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