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Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia , is an island country located between Southeast Asia and Oceania. The Indonesian archipelago comprises about 17,508 islands, where over 237 million people, making Indonesia the fourth most populous in the world live.

The location of Indonesia at the edges of tectonic plates of the Pacific, Eurasian and Indo-Australian, turn it into a place with numerous volcanoes and frequent earthquakes. Indonesia has at least 150 active volcanoes, including Krakatoa 93 and Tambora, famous for their devastating eruptions in the nineteenth century.

The trip is to make the crossing from Bali to Komodo, diving for the Sangean, Gili, Rinca islands, on the ship "Mermaid I", or what is the same, "Siren I", www.mermaid-liveaboards. com

From Bali to Komodo passed by Nusa Tenggara which is basically where does mostpart of diving. Nusa Tenggara is a stunning island arc in the east of Indonesia and north of Australia next. Esla more varied and rewarding visit province of Indonesia. Few areas in the world can compete with the variety of Nusa.

In Bali lojadas were at the Bali Hyatt, www.tamukamibali.com, paradise hotel, in the heart of Sanur, wonderful place to spend a few days resting and buying.

The islands of Komodo i RINCA are a rugged and secluded islands, but lovely, situated between Flores and Sumbawa, home of the legendary Komodo dragon, the largest lizard in the world that could reach 3 feet long and weigh more than 100 kg, and is able to gobble animals the size of deer or buffalo.

These remote islands are surrounded by the most tempestuous waters in Indonesia plagued betray currents and eddies.

is Komodo National Park includes Komodo, Rinca and some neighboring islands.

This dive is characterized by three things: a lot of navigation because from Bali to Komodo there about two days' sail; Komodo dragons; or a varied diving.

Varied that combines both hot and cold water. While in the Northern islands the water is warm, the water temperature of about 29 degrees, so you can dive suit 1 mm in the south of the islands Komodo i Rinca, the water is cold and you are forced to dive with 5 mm., the water temperature is approximately 24 degree.

Varied for peaceful waters combines with water currents, you can spot white tip sharks and mantas, in full enjoyment of the stream. These animals are placed in the stream and let them cherish this. They love this game with water, for them it is a caress or a diversion, a danger to us actually have to anchor yourself in the rock with out power, to enjoy the vision without the current drag you. The diving here is not that complicated, just have to go down quickly once in the background go with the flow and when you reach the desired point anclarte with out power to enjoy the pleasure of seeing sharks or blankets.

water normally also association current to colder water.

Varied that combines turquoise sea with green topaz, surrounded by a few islands with diverse vegetation that reminds you of the lost island of "Lost in the island."

Green islands, almost deserted, volcanic islands, secluded islands, shot full of sea life. The volcanic islands you can snorkel in the surrounding area and how volcanoes are still slightly alive, and the black sand out bubble of hot air, which heats water and makes very special diving.

Despite all the beauty of this dive site you can still see the destruction of their fundsdynamite fishing, the phenomenon of the Child, which caused the deterioration of the insulation temperature sensitive reefs 90s, Indonesia

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