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Bali is not a large island, black sand, because of its volcano AGUNG , which last erupted in 1964.

With lengthy black beaches and splendid sunsets, and lush green vegetation that reaches asks Beach.

The pleasures of Bali are undoubtedly Asians, delicious food, massages died, landscapes and beaches, art everywhere, shopping, native amabilísimos, splendid hotels, and all at very affordable prices and especially rest. Bali is an island where most want what is thrown to see the sea.

The city for tourists in UBUB . This old town is charming for visitors, there is a very nice European hippy atmosphere, and both the city itself and the surrounding temples are worth dedicating a few days.

In this city you feel very comfortable, and quietIs a safe city, where fancy a walk, enjoy the food, Westernized local music store, i know its people.

We stayed at the hotel NIRVANA, www.nirvanaku.com where its owner lives up to the name of the hotel.


Beaches full of fishing boats, which is the main activity of the eastern part of Bali, reminds us that Bali is a resort island in the south, places like Sanur or Kuta are similar places in the beach resort of any zone shoreline of the peninsula. As I said, reminds us that in the island of Bali is nothing tourism and authenticity and beauty features Indonesian areas.

Diving off the coast of AMED has its charm, but it has some significant shortcomings, such as being the black sand, visibility is very low, on the beaches there is nomuch coral to enjoy beaches that are virtually sand where there is coral. The natives make efforts to fill the beaches of small pieces of sunken ships, or masses of iron or cement conglomerates or bottles, or even sunken figures for the coral to grow in life and beaches.

We we were staying at the Uyah Amed & Spa-Resort, www.hoteluyah.com Hotel, which has a PADI center, well equipped and good professionals, www.ameddivecenter.com .

From the Hotel went out from the beach, or a boat for a dive, not too spectacular, but good as a touchdown with diving.
In this area there is no current and the water has a pleasant temperature.

We perform different dives, not to exceed 26 feet deep, and no more than 1 hour.

DivingTulamben (EAST COAST OF BALI)

The appeal of diving in Tulamben is the remains of the US freighter naugrafio Lyberty.

At the time of the entry of the US into World War II, December 1941, the cargo ship USAT Liberty performed the route from Australia to Argentina, with a cargo of railway parts and rubber. On January 11, 1942 the freighter was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine 19km southwest of the Lombok Strait. The destroyer Paul Jones drag the freighter to the north coast of Bali to save the cargo.

The Lybertry ran aground off the coast of Bali, Tulamben until 1963, where an eruption of Mount Agung slip the ship to the beach and I remain engulfed by the sea about 50 meters from the coast, and between 10 meters and 30 depth, through its 120 m. long.

Here is distinct from Amed beach, beaches are guijarsos, hard, black and round rocks that do nothingattractive beach for sunbathing. The people who come here is basically divers.

The natives are well

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