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 Turó del Home...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - 5Km. - 586Pos/586Neg - Medium - Circular Route - Barcelona
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Home Turo of 1,706 meters is located in the Montseny Natural Park in the province of Barcelona.

Montseny Natural Park and Sant Llorenç de Munt i l'Obac are closest and frequented the Barcelona metropolitan area parks. Located about 50 km. North of Barcelona. Montseny Natural Park was declared the 1978 and later by the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve 1987. Its name comes from the Latin Mont Signis (Signal Mountain) given by the Romans in their approach by sea to the mainland. It has three distinct areas, the Turo de l'home to 1,703 m. and Agudes 1.703m, on the one hand (west), the Matagalls with 1.697m. and to the west the plateau de la Calma, with its flagship Puig Drau top of 1.344m.

To access the trailhead from the AP-7 motorway towards Girona, take exit 11, was Sant Celoni, we continue to pI ueblo. Here we follow the signs to Santa Fe (BV-5114). The car left the information center Can Casades, at kilometer 21 of the highway.

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Barcelona 1 5 Km. 586 m. 586 m. Media Recorrido Circular

Turó del Home | Entre Montañas

1. Turó del Home


Distance: 5 Km.Up/Downhill 586 m. - Up/Downhill 586 m.Time: 02:00 h.
Turó del Home

We begin the journey by road side in slight climb for 1 km until the parking Passavents where the source is & nbsp; Pasavents. From here & iacute; the road goes zigzagging and no p & eacute; loss, if we follow the green pylons to the top


From Tur & oacute; Home of the Return via the same path.

An alternative is to descend the peak of Agudes. Access from the & nbsp; Tur & oacute; Home to the Agudes is not lost, just follow the ridge connecting the two peaks. The descent Agudes have any trouble in a section in which we descend among rocks and in some places there are stretches very areos. Once this difficult descent to the road is done without difficulty.

Once on the road, you have to follow it to the parking information center & oacute; n. If we have a full circle distance & nbsp; & oacute about 15 kil; Meters in total


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