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 Torreneules y La Coma del Clot...
Girona - 1 Stages - Km. - 900Pos/900Neg - Easy - Round trip - July 2007
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Hoja  Torreneules y La Coma del Clot...

Ascension allows a single attack up two top: The Torreneules and La Coma Clot . It traces the Coma de Vaca Valley and has its starting point in the Refuge Coma de Vaca to 2,000 meters.

To reach the shelter Coma de Vaca have several options:

  1. From Queralbs siguienedo the path of href="http://www.entremontanas.com/travesias/gr-11-nuria-queralbs.asp?Tipo=Travesias&Id=8"> Gorges Freser (3 hrs. walk).
  3. From the trail Nuria Els Enginyers (3 hrs. walk).
  5. GR-11.7 (2:30 h. walk).
  7. Dince the shelter Carança (5 hrs. walk).
  9. Dde Collado de The Three Pics (1:30 h. Walk).

Coma de Vaca Refugi: http://www.comadevaca.com
Phone: 649 229 012


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Girona 1 Km. 900 m. 900 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Torreneules y La Coma del Clot | Entre Montañas

1. Torreneules y La Coma del Clot


Up/Downhill 900 m. - Up/Downhill 900 m.Time: 03:00 h.
Torreneules y La Coma del Clot

From the hut the path is not lost. We must continue Torrent Coma de Vaca to the end of the valley, at that point you turn 90 degrees to the left and start to climb towards the Col of Torreneules. This is the m & aacute part;. S hard, some 300 vertical meters in a short distance up the hill

From the hut to the Coll de Torreneules have total about 550 meters uphill and can be done in an hour and a half.

Once on the hill and can ascend to Torreneules Clot La Coma, left and right respectively Torreneules Coll.

Both Torreneules, & nbsp; with an altitude of 2711 meters, as the Coma del Clot, with an altitude of 2741 meters, have fabulous views over the valley of Nuria Valley r & iacute;. or Freser and of course Valley Coma de Vaca

The return along the same path.

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