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 Taga (Circular)...
Girona - 1 Stages - 10Km. - 750Pos/750Neg - Medium - Circular Route - May 2012
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Hoja  Taga (Circular)...

spectacular journey through the mountains of the interior of Ripollès , which amounts to the conical top of the Taga , where you can enjoy supreme panoramic view.

Taga is a mountain of Ripollès . It belongs to the Serra Conivella and separated from the Serra Cavallera by Portella Damians . Although not a very high mountain, dominates the valley of the Freser and Ter and is a landmark of the region. Also és a splendid viewpoint of the peaks of the Pyrenees from the Puigmal the Canigou . It is totally deforested and occupied by grazing meadows, as Sierra Cavallera .

The most prosperous municipalities are Bruguera , Ribes Freser , Damians (to which it belongs) and Pardines .


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Girona 1 10 Km. 750 m. 750 m. Media Recorrido Circular

Taga (Circular) | Entre Montañas

1. Taga (Circular)


Distance: 10 Km.Up/Downhill 750 m. - Up/Downhill 750 m.Time: 03:00 h.
Taga (Circular)

Coll de Jou is accessed from Ribes de Freser i after the local road to the village GIV5263 LLagonas where we take a track asphalted until Coll de Jou , and expand trail switchbacks that it rises to reach 1637m. altitude.

Coll de Jou smoothly parked cars near a signpost that shows us the way forward for up to Taga , without much complication as that the mountain before us where the top is even currency.

We started the road parallel to a "tanca" of animals, and we will follow, taking quite high since the start of the climb. At one point we found a path to take us right to the ridge of the mountain, but since our goal was careening down to Sant Marti d'Ogasa , we decided to upgrade todo straight to the top of Taga , 2038m. altitude.

The vertical mountain, more stunning, perched on our heads and we can raise the question comes is pending as vertical, but if the top was in our hands.

In 1 hour and 20 minutes we stood at the top and we have a giant cross, white, stunning, and perfect. There rigor photo all together, stuck to the cross with the flag Estelada Independence of Catalonia and the flag of the club. If señor¡¡¡¡¡¡.

Then we followed the ridge up to the Portela Ogasa to 1792m. altitude. The hull is perfect, down, easy, green meadow with spectacular views. When we reached the descent portela zig-behind wins because pendencie is steep, but the climb to Taga. Come on down the road, which as it descends becomes more wooded, we leave the mountains. The road is PEDRegoso and we must be careful not to slip with priedras Road, which are formed in the shape of tiny pie.

Finally just this way and got to the Romanesque church of Sant Marti Ogasa , where we eat, rest and less than 30 minutes reboot again the way.

We wanted to find a way back down the mountain to the Coll de Jou, but the rain threatening, and the way ill-defined, we chose to follow the assaulted track, about 5 km. To the Coll Jou, where we end this fantastic, rewarding and beautiful hike up the mountain of Taga.

         Stage profile: Taga (Circular)
Stage profile: Taga (Circular)

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