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 Punta Penia...
Italia - 1 Stages - 16Km. - 834Pos/1.435Neg - Hig - One-way Route - Italy August 2011
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Punta Penia

Via Ferrata Ascension came with a degree of difficulty to the summit of Punta Penia located in the Dolomites in Italy . The Dolomites are a mountain range in Italy by 80% belongs to the province of Belluno. The Dolomites were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2009, covering an area of ??protection from 135910.9370 ha area has 98511.9340 respect.

The region of the Dolomites, part of the Eastern Alps, extends over a vast area stretching from Val Pusteria Val Sugana to and from the valley of the Adige Valley Piave; occupies the territory of three provinces (Trento, Bolzano and Belluno) straddling the Trentino-Alto Adige and Veneto.

The Dolomites are very different from the rest of the Alps; appearance is characterized by very broad wooded valleys and meadows from which rise, silhouetted vertically por hundred meters, the many isolated mountain ranges. The latter are mostly formed by a limestone rock of marine origin called dolomite.

In this region the most spoken language is Ladino language, Rhaeto-Romance language that has developed due to the isolation of the mountain valleys, but it also speaks Italian and a German minority there.

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Italia 1 16 Km. 834 m. 1435 m. Alta Recorrido Solo de Ida

Punta Penia | Entre Montañas

1. Punta Penia


Distance: 16 Km.Up/Downhill 834 m. - Up/Downhill 1.435 m.Time: 06:30 h.
Punta Penia

This route will take us to Punta Penia where the road will provide a ferrata over the Marmolada glacier and unbeatable views over this area of ??the Dolomites.

The Marmolada is the highest mountain of the Dolomites. The mountain is located about 100 km northeast of Venice, from which can be seen on clear days. It consists of a chalk going from west to east. To the south it breaks suddenly into sheer cliffs, forming a rock face several kilometers long. On the north side there is a comparatively flat glacier, the only large glacier in the Dolomites (the Marmolada Glacier, Ghiacciaio della Marmolada).

The crest consists of several peaks, decreasing in altitude from west to east: Punta penia (3,343 m), Punta Rocca (3,309 m), Punta Ombretta (3,230 m), Mount Serauta (3,069 m) and Pizzo Serauta (3,035 m) . A cable car runs to the summit of Punta Rocca. During the ski season is open the pain route Marmolada for skiers and snowboards, making it possible to ski down to the valley.

Paul Grohmann made the first ascent in 1864, the north face. Before World War I, the border between Italy and Austria-Hungary went through the Marmolada, so it formed part of the front line during that conflict. Austrian soldiers were quartered in deep tunnels dug into the north face of the glacier, and Italian soldiers were quartered in the rocky cliffs of the south face. As glaciers recede, the remains of the soldiers and their belongings are occasionally discovered.

We started this stage by taking a curious mechanical lift that will take us from the Passo Fedaia to Refugio Pian Dei Fiacconi located 2626 meters. We can also carry out this first ascent on foot along the road but we advise booking 606 forces to the hard stage today.

The route starts by a backward area of ??the glacier, where we can see the stones marks the erosion by ice. The road starts descending gently to coat 2484 (1km, 30 minutes).

Now climb up the moraine begins to reach a glacier tongue where as ice conditions we use crampons. At 2,550km the path leads to a room equipped with cable and steps to take us on a short grimpada to Forcella Marmolada (3km, 1: 30h, 2896m) wall.

From this point the ascent to the peak is done via ferrata with a high degree of difficulty due to uneven cover, verticality and ice to be found in a few steps.

After performing the Via Ferrata, we will place back into the glacier to 4,500km, 3h and 3204 meters altitude. Now we can only follow the trace and exceed 100 meters we missing coupleto reach the top (5km, 3: 15h, 3309m). From here we have a unique view and also have a shelter.
For the descent, we have three different options:
1 - Return by the same route
. 2 - Undo the Forcela ferrata and heading towards
Contrin Refuge. 3 - From the summit, descend the glacier, up to the ski lift to descend again to the Passo Fedaia

Contrin Refuge:
Tel: 39 0462 601101/392 9480794

         Stage profile: Punta Penia
Stage profile: Punta Penia

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