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 Puigmal desde Nuria...
Girona - 1 Stages - 8Km. - 900Pos/900Neg - Easy - Round trip - February 2013
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Hoja  Puigmal desde Nuria...

A trav & eacute; s Pla Ortigar also & eacute; n call Collet Verd, MOUNTAIN crowns; a m & aacute; s emblem & aacute; tica and higher elevations of the region & oacute; n N & uacute; ria: Puigmal, 2,910 m.

Its rounded top is an extensive magnetic & iacute; fica watchtower comprising extens & iacute; simo landscape that covers south Taga, Tossa d'Alp, Pedraforca, saw the Cad & iacute; Peguera and Satins; west valleys Llosa and Querol differ, Mont Peric, the ceretana plain to the north, the Pic del Segre, that of Finestrelles, peaks Eina Noufonts, Eat Mitjana massif Canig & oacute; closing the horizon.

To reach Nuria cogwheel station & oacute be taken thereon; n Train Ribes Freser (where you get the l & iacute; nea Barcelona -Puigcerd & aggravation;). By car fromthe N-152 road to Puigcerd Ripoll & aggravation; you can catch the zipper both Ribes and Queralbs.


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Girona 1 8 Km. 900 m. 900 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Puigmal desde Nuria | Entre Montañas

1. Puigmal desde Nuria


Distance: 8 Km.Up/Downhill 900 m. - Up/Downhill 900 m.Time: 04:25 h.
Puigmal desde Nuria

From the front of the church of Nuria goes westward, it crosses the bridge with wooden railings on the r & iacute; or Finestrelles and turn right following the R & iacute; o upstream north. The road climbs through a forest and storm drain channel & uuml; e of the Central & eacute; ctrica. M & aacute; s left up left a trail back to the south and entering the forest of San Gil, black pine, left Finestrelles Valley. Ctrica that looks like a road, a covered unit channel crosses the & eacute. It continues to the northwest.

N called SMALL, or Collet Verd (2,210 m) out of the woods a ravine and a stream rising sharply up to the level of Ortigar, also traverses & eacute. It is a wide, grassy hill where the mountains are & ntilde; as the peak of the Segre, Finestrelles, Fontnegra and the top of the Coma del Clot. Oeste flanking the path, exit at address & oacutetowards the bottom of the stream of L & rsquo; Embut (2,220 m) on the right.

We crossed the path and go up the opposite slope by short loops. A dev & iacute; or binds to the right of the road: follow the stream up flanking the northwest to cross back the torrent of L & rsquo;
Is traced the river on its right bank between meadows and rhododendron bushes. M & aacute; s all & aacute; are some beautiful waterfalls and in the other side, the Pla dels Eugassers and Snare source is contemplated.

This stream is crossed for the third time and it goes back to the west along a path marked little meadow amid growing m & aacute; s wide and smooth. M & aacute; s above, at elevation 2,550 m, the path gets close to wetlands where, on a ridge covered with stones, there is a pluvi & oacute;
Is contin & uacute; to the bottom of the hollow L & rsquo; Embut in direction & oacute; n WestJando the pluvi & oacute; meter to the left. The road climbs Coll d & rsquo; m looking for the Err & aacute; maximum the increasingly rare meadows
Met Coll d & rsquo; Err (2,770 m), which separates the basins of Ter and Segre. The top Err Valley looks and station & oacute; n-run & iacute; Alpine (Puigmal 2000). S & oacute; subtracts trace the f & aacute; cil north ridge to the summit.

Once at the top you can enjoy a panoramic view & aacute;. Grand mica covering different regions of Catalonia

The return may be made by the same route on the north ridge (first option & oacute; n, 4 h 25 min) or by making a LITTLE to turn down the ridge east to the Coll de L & rsquo; Embut (2,700 m), which separates Coma L & rsquo; Embut Coma Fontalba. Once in the neck, the option & oacute; n m & aacute; s r & aacute; ask (4h 20min) even m & aacute; s which neck Err is lower north on the road to findthe bottom half plane Coma L & rsquo; Embut, where it has gone.

A third and fourth option & oacute; n & iacute be; Coll from an L & rsquo; Embut Ortigar going to peak (2,737 m) to the east, since from here & iacute; is a mont & iacute; ass nearby. Once this peak can be lowered by a & eacute; reo and spectacular roof Ortigar northeast (third option & oacute; n, 4 h 40 min) or the quiet coma Gombr & egrave; n, east (fourth option & oacute; n ). This & uacute; last time increases by almost 1 h (5 h 20 min), and combines with part of the route to the Collada de Nuria
The fifth and STILL last option & oacute; n, about 2 h m & aacute; s long (6 h 20 min), is from the coll L & rsquo; Embut, download all ESPL & eacute; ndida and long coma Fontalba to the old way of N & uacute ; ria from Fontalba that s & oacute; so there will be & aacute; I continue to Nuria address & oacute; n contrary to what is explained in the De Nuria route to the pass ofFontalba.

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