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 Puigmal desde Fontalba...
Girona - 1 Stages - 15Km. - 1.000Pos/1.000Neg - Medium - Round trip - Noviembre 2007
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The Puigmal (2,911 m), also called Puigmal d'Err in Upper Cerdanya is the mountain highest in the Eastern Pyrenees and of the province of Girona, located in Spain's border with France.

It is located between the towns of Queralbs (Ripoll, Gerona) and Err (Alta Cerdanya, Pyrenees Orientales) is the highest of the peaks that make up the so-called big pot surrounding the Núria valley. It is a wide, rounded top; His ascension is simple if conditions are not adverse. At its summit is a cross of forged iron and a plaque with verses Belt Verdaguer.

This is a circular ascent begins Fontalba, 2,070 m itinerary. altitude. Ascension conducted by the slope and the drop on the other, and then plan a path that leads to the exit point.

Resumen de la ruta
lugar Lugar Número de estapas Días Longitud Longitud Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Negativo Desnivel Desnivel Negativo Dificultad Dificultad Tipo de ruta
Tipo ruta
Girona 1 15 Km. 1000 m. 1000 m. Media Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Puigmal desde Fontalba | Entre Montañas

1. Puigmal desde Fontalba


Distance: 15 Km.Up/Downhill 1.000 m. - Up/Downhill 1.000 m.Time: 06:15 h.
Puigmal desde Fontalba

To reach Fontalba from Ribes de Freser the road to Queralbs is caught. One time in this town and after passing & nbsp; & iacute v; as the zipper on the right hand road is taken. From this point the road begins to climb r & aacute; quickly, a few meters it becomes a sandy track to Fontalba (2,070 m)


The route is divided into 3 parts:
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; - Fontalba (2,070 m) - Puigmal (2,913 m) 2:45 pm. and 4.5 Km.
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; - Puigmal (2,913 m) - Shrine of N & uacute; ria (2,000 m): 2 h. and 5 km.
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; - & Nbsp; Shrine of N & uacute; ria (2,000 m) - Fontalba (2,070 m): 1.30 h. and 5 km.

What makes a total of about 15 Km. And about 6:30 am with a cumulative positive altitude of about 1,000 m. and many others down.

The rise Puigmal is by the south side, foldo along the entire route the ridge that separates the & nbsp; western valley, at first he climbs trav & eacute; s meadows. Let r & aacute gaining elevation, rapidly while slowly disappearing vegetation & oacute; n. Grasslands give rise to brown colored & oacute; n sand and stones and begins to identify the way. Throughout the ascension & oacute; n breathtaking scenery in d & iacute observed, as with good visibility you can see the mountains of Cad & iacute ;, the mountains & ntilde; as Andorra and even Pica d & rsquo;. Estats

It is important to be & ntilde; alar also & eacute; n to rise no ning STILL kind of problem. The route is fairly easy to identify because the summit is already observed before driving off. The m & aacute party; s hard for the ascension & oacute; n is between 2700-2900 m, just before reaching the summit. It is a scree slope with about 25 & ordm; it becomes rather hard after 2 hours of subida. The trail will zig-zags until finally decreases and the slope in question & oacute; n. 10 minutes we reached the summit of Puigmal (2,913 m)

The bill is a large open area where the views are excellent: in the north, all the Cerdanya and MOUNTAIN observed, as they separate from Andorra and solid as the great French Carlit. To the east is the valley of N & uacute; ria and succession & oacute; n of peaks that make up the so-called & quot; N & uacute pot; ria & quot ;. To the south is the way we have done upstream. -Moixer & Oacute;; And finally, in the west of the mountains of Cad & iacute is identified.

The decline we do for the East side, where the road up to N & uacute; ria and is the m & aacute; s busy & nbsp; by hikers. The trail has a steep slope in the first sections, which sometimes hinders the descent. On this side, the valley is much m & aacute; s closed


poco m & aacute; s in a couple of hours we reach the Sanctuary of N & uacute; ria (2,000 m). AFTER & eacute; s as s & oacute; I need to return to Fontalba and excursion & oacute; n & aacute there will be; completed.

The road goes from N & uacute; ria on the right side of the lake, right at the crossroads that make the road up to & nbsp; Queralbs, the road up to the caves and that targets Fontalba. From this intersection the trail begins to climb r & aacute; quickly. A Once this SMALL to rise, the way you plan to get there & nbsp; Fontalba. It has lost since it is a & nbsp; very well GR & ntilde; i aliasing


In total the excursion & oacute; n takes about 6:30 am, not counting stops and at a rate m & aacute; i or less continuous


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