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 Puig de Sant Miquel de les Formigueres...
Girona - 1 Stages - 9Km. - 304Pos/304Neg - Easy - Round trip - Girona May 2009
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Hoja  Puig de Sant Miquel de les Formigueres...

From the village of Sant Hilari Sacalm , we followed the signs to the polygon Bovila industrialist. Once there, turn right through the company Fuste San Hilari. From there, we found a complex Cal Sastre , so that work has almost eliminated off the track that leads to the beginning of the way.

Then, after a few turns to the right of the community and to our right is a dirt road that descends decided, suitable for cars, without any indication, but is the only one that takes us out of the development. We leave on our left the source Sastre , on the right a detour to Santa Margarida de Vallors and left the Tower of Vilavecchia. We recommend going with the plane of the Alpine.

The tour took us to the roof of the Guillerias , the highest peak, peak Sant Miquel de les Formigues , at 1202m. Des top the view is breathtaking: at our feet the vast forest of Guillerias, Montseny east and north Collsacabra.

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Girona 1 9 Km. 304 m. 304 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Puig de Sant Miquel de les Formigueres | Entre Montañas

1. Puig de sant Miquel


Distance: 9 Km.Up/Downhill 304 m. - Up/Downhill 304 m.Time: 03:00 h.
Puig de sant Miquel

The tour starts at the dels Abeuredors source , which are a sign of the beginning of the route. It's time to leave the cars i cool.

From the source it seems that there is a path in the upward direction, this is not. Some 200 m. the left side of the source is the indicator and the track that comes with toward our goal.

The entire route is well marked with indicators Turismo de Catalunya. The first part of the course is flatter, and passes through a wide road filled with chestnut forests.

The first mile of our walk we see the turro located on our left, and surmounted by a large cross Guilleries.

From the second kilometer the road starts to get steeper. The road passes through forests, which means we can not make out the landscape, but suddenly opens out into space, and the view and the height makes us feel like a bird. From here we leave the broad road, and encontraremos a small path, swerved to the left, marked with a sign, decided by climbing the mountain.

From here the gap is important, but the path is set in shade, first through a thick alzinar and then through a beech forest.

Finally, after weaving the peak we reached the top, where the view opens at our feet is impressive: first an immense forest of Guillerias front and behind Sant Hilari iconic towering peaks of Montseny: The Agudes and Matagalls . The cliffs north of the Pyrenees Collsacabra and behind.

At the end of the tenth century up to the peak had Solterra Castle and three centuries later the chapel of San Miquel. Today only vestiges remain, but they have to pick the official name.

To return to do the same way.

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