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 Puig de la Pelada...
Girona - 1 Stages - 8Km. - 680Pos/680Neg - Easy - Round trip - Girona June 2013
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Hoja  Puig de la Pelada...

Take the road to Formiguera to Puirgceda When we reached the village of Formiguera , just reaching the town there is a road to the right. A signpost indicates the coup. We have to be very careful because it is indicated with difficulty. I mean, just when you see the little road and have a curve above 190 degrees, and where a sign indicates the direction of i Villanova Real.

We Vilanova , we continue towards Real, and 500m. Before coming to this town, we see clearly in a straight line, take a detour, far right, along a track, which will travel 5km. to one of the starting points of the trek, because we can extend the approach to the car to another nearest the starting point of the climb point.

Following this track we find a primer swerved to the right, you'll take not continue along the same track, and the second swerved to the right we catch and take us to the Coll Sansa (1775m).

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Girona 1 8 Km. 680 m. 680 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Puig de la Pelada | Entre Montañas

1. Puig de la Pelada


Distance: 8 Km.Up/Downhill 680 m. - Up/Downhill 680 m.
Puig de la Pelada

instead on the Coll Sansa , we will find a junction 6 ways, including by which we come.

We have to take the path indicated by a sign that says & ldquo; Est Refuge anyols & rdquo; and another sign that says & ldquo; Tour capcir for Mothers & rdquo;.

A 1,300 km. arrive at a closed horse, which is & aacute; to our right, with a sign that says & ldquo; Pla Grils & rdquo; and & ldquo; Mother & rdquo; - & ldquo; Tour capcir & rdquo ;, and a few meters fully right a great & aacute; bare tree i gray with yellow spots and red, marked


AFTER & eacute; s found a yellow sign on your left that indicates a path barred by a tancas, & ldquo; i Llac Refugi dels Estanyols & rdquo ;. We went down to the lake, and got back on the track d & oacute; nde see & iacute; masters to reach the goal of our excursion & oacute; n.

Third, we continue on the same track and find another track off to the right.

The two tracks take us to the starting point of the excursion & oacute; n, not just different, but both paths lead us to the top of Puig de la Pelada


If we take the left we continue our way by car to reach a circular esplanade very grassy with a number of trees at the base sides. This meadow is a path that goes into the mountain & ntilde; a, it's a pretty wide path with large & aacute;. Trees on the sides

We continue until the road ends and becomes a path up to the mountain decided & ntilde; a. It is a path that almost is not. With very few brands and & ntilde; ales we continue upwards without loss. We can be guided by some fita the road and some are & ntilde;. The blue

Another option & oacute; n is to take the left path to take us to address & oacute; n downwhich also arrive & eacute; na a small & ntilde; a concourse, where there is a road up very strongly. This path seems one of those roads that make the forests to make a track. We went up the track, which checking MOUNTAIN up to us is to the left, until you reach a path that goes up and so decidedly costeruda MOUNTAIN; a. It is the same path that comes if hubi & eacute; ramos taken the first route


Once on the trail we climbed and climbed up to the front top of the mountain & ntilde; ao hill, where clearly descry the top, absolutely bare top and cargadita stone, but f & aacute; cil rise

We can only & nbsp; make the top. A lowering of the Puig de la Pelada , and in the pass we can get on the beak to the side.

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