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 Puig de Costabona...
Girona - 1 Stages - 6Km. - 600Pos/600Neg - Easy - Round trip - Girona October 2010
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Hoja  Puig de Costabona...

Peak Costabona is a cluster of 2,465 m of the Pyrenean axial zone. It is located on the ridge that comes from the Rock Pic Colom pass through Palo (2374 m) and separates the valleys of Tec (Vallespir) and Ter (Ripollès).

The granitic summit is the last of the great peaks of the hull, to the east there are no heights that exceed 1,700 m. On the southern side of the stream valley-Llobre (source of Fray Joan) and Ritort form (in the springs in Sitjar), tributaries of the Ter on the left; the northern slope limits Tec coma and east, dominates the high Vallespir (Presta baths and the town of Meadows Mollo). At 2,300 m, on the eastern slope, within the term of Prados de Mollo (Vallespir) Costabona mines, Scheelite (calcium Tungstat) are for the operation of which has been consstructed on a forest trail is in very poor condition. At the head of the stream of Vall-Llobre within the term of Setcases (Ripollès), we found the shelter Costabona.

At the top of Costabona is a geodesic landmark and several crosses, and a metal case. The circular view is wide, highlighting the eastward Gulf of Roses and Plain Rossello, separated by the Sierra de la Albera. To the north the imposing Canigou Massif, cracks and Eat red Tec with Rock Roc Colom and Death of Escolà. To the west are the peaks of the Cirque de Ulldeter highlighting Gra Fajol and Bastiments beside her.  

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Girona 1 6 Km. 600 m. 600 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Puig de Costabona | Entre Montañas

1. Puig de Costabona


Distance: 6 Km.Up/Downhill 600 m. - Up/Downhill 600 m.Time: 04:00 h.
Puig de Costabona

We started the ascent from the dance Setcases to Espinavell , in very good condition. The point of departure of the tour to the peak is located where the trail makes a 360 degree to Espinavell , is a sharp bend where there is a sign saying "No entry for cars "and this gated entrance to cars with a metal fence painted in green, and a stick where arrows mark but does not enlighten us at all.

Once we cross this fence, still track, find a path that opens to the right and follow a small stream dry and very stony. We continue ascending the stream, each about 30 to 45 minutes, until you reach a grassy flat, which is a path on the right, well marked in the beginning, but then it becomes blurred.

There is another option that is within 5 minutes of taking the stream, leaving a path that opens to the right and go up the mountainbetween small islands of forest, has a better view, but has the disadvantage that no way, and is quite loose.

We opted for this option, but the fact is that we did down the marked trail, and it was quite simple.

When we reached the grassy plane that made reference earlier, the trail turns right and becomes blurred, as there are a lot of small stone area, which makes the road disappear, and also no fitas or paint signs the way. When we have promoted more, we came to a flat area, as Repechon mountain where Costabona Refuge suddenly appears (2168m.)

This refuge is not saved, but has enough to shelter and even spend a night there, has bunk beds with mattresses and blankets, a stove, kitchen and even things like a barbecue to make grilled meat. They explained in the village of Setcases, how nice is thatrse to sleep in the shelter, and the next day before the sun rises, the Costabona up to see the sun rise from the coastal town of Roses.

Once we reached the Refuge Costabona , you have two options to attack the Peak Costabona (2465 m) take a path to the right or the other on the left, the two will lead to the same place, to the peak. We opted to climb sack, straight, attacking the front peak, for the most part costeruda. The reason was that the weather was not, doubted to reach the top without pillase us a great shower, mist or leave us not see anything. So we decided to go for the shorter but more difficult place.

The peak is spectacular with a view of the Camprodon Valley to remove the hiccups. The top is a nice addition, several iron crosses, and a sign that indicates where you can go to Ulldeter, or to Costabona Refuge. The descent made by the softer part, that ofRecha peak.

They say that on a clear day one can distinguish the coast, coming from the Mediterranean is the first peak we found.

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