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 Pic Negre d´Envalira desde Porta...
Andorra - 1 Stages - 21Km. - 1.200Pos/1.200Neg - Medium - Round trip - Andorra
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Hoja  Pic Negre d´Envalira desde Porta...

This ascent runs in part by The Route of the Cathars at the intersection of three countries for which elapses this path. Spain, Andorra and France

Cami's Good Men, The Route of the Cathars, a journey of 189 km. between the sanctuary of Queralt (Catalunya) and the castle of Montsegur (Ariège, France). The Bons Homes, become long distance trail (GR-107), offers the opportunity to tour the migration routes used by the Cathars in the twelfth and fourteenth centuries, when fleeing the persecution of the Crusaders and the Inquisition. This trail follows the Cathar footprints through medieval villages, Romanesque churches and castles.

The trail begins in the French town of Porta. To reach this town, you should leave Puigcerdà towards the French population Bourgmadame. When you enter in this population found a roundaboutwhere we address the Latour-de-Carol of the N-20. After that people find the small town of Porta where we can leave the vehicle.

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Andorra 1 21 Km. 1200 m. 1200 m. Media Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Pic Negre d´Envalira desde Porta | Entre Montañas

1. Pic Negre d´Envalira desde Porta


Distance: 21 Km.Up/Downhill 1.200 m. - Up/Downhill 1.200 m.Time: 06:30 h.
Pic Negre d´Envalira desde Porta

We passed under the bridge of the railroad tracks and follow the instructions of the Bons Homes (GR-107). We border on the left of Pic de les Valletes Campcardós by a clear historical road, which soon leaves behind the forest. The trail offers no difficulty.

A pastoral retreat (1:25 pm.) Is left to the left, and offers possibility of shelter. We continued walking through alpine meadows. We left right Estanys of Campcardós, Gros and Petit (2100 m -.. 1:55 pm).

THE valley is closing. Soon the White Portella, named for its white limestone tongue, contrasting with the green currency. We attack the hills last until reaching the Portella Blanca (2,519 m. 2:45 pm.) With magnificent panoramic views over the valley Llosa.

In the Portella Blanca we are right at the intersection of three states. Spain, Andorra and France

It should not cross the wooden fence next to the signpost in swio head towards the north to the Lake of Passaderes them, against which we see the Coll dels Isards, under the imposing Pic Negre d'Envalira.

We reached the pass smoothly (3:15 pm.). From here the path is clear to the summit which is the two that look the right where the views are spectacular (2,825 m.).

The return along the same path.

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