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 Pic de Bastiments...
Girona - 1 Stages - 8Km. - 800Pos/800Neg - Easy - Circular Route - Girona July 2011
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The Pic Bastiments has a height of 2,881 meters above sea level, it is also known by the Pic of Gegant name.

It is located on the axis between Ripollès and conflent, separating Ulldeter Circus Circus Bassibers in the province of Girona.

With its 2,800 meters is the easternmost peak of the Pyrenees. It is located at the confluence of the municipalities of Setcases Queralbs and Fontpedrosa.

His ascent is relatively easy, both summer and winter. On the ascent we pass the Refugi d'Ulldeter, which is currently a bit further south than the original, destroyed by an avalanche.
In 1994 Grup Esportiu Gironí Excursionista i decided to scale it as part of the celebrations of its 75th anniversary, by which a cross was placed. However, this cross is not locked at the top, but further east, at elevation 2,875.

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Girona 1 8 Km. 800 m. 800 m. Fácil Recorrido Circular

Pic de Bastiments | Entre Montañas

1. Pic de Bastiments


Distance: 8 Km.Up/Downhill 800 m. - Up/Downhill 800 m.Time: 04:45 h.
Pic de Bastiments

To make this excursion & oacute; n must reach the village of Camprod & oacute; n for the C-38, where we take the road to Setcases the GIV5264. This road continues to climb the famous ski-run & iacute; Vallter 2000.

In STILL LATEST road curves there is a parking area, which usually are usually several parked cars and which on the other side of the road, the trail goes to give & aacute; start our excursion & oacute; n.

It is an excursion & oacute; n which has no difficulty in normal conditions, all of it passes through narrow and well marked trails pass MOUNTAIN eros that have made this excursion & oacute; na over time.

The first section is very nice, since it runs between TREES and there is plenty of water. One could & iacute; to say that the first part is to reach the shelter of Ulldeter, short flight of about a half hora as much, and from which the vegetation disappears & oacute; n, following up
Once in the shelter our pr & oacute; & aacute be maximum target; climb the Coll de la Sow. The STILL climb the last few meters coll are hard because the slope is steep
From the coll Marrana have very nice views. One is the final stretch we lack to reach the peak Bastiments.

We begin the ascension & oacute; n the Pic Bastiments. As we can see picking up beautiful landscapes, such as Coma Freser.

AFTER & eacute; s about two hours of walking we reached the Pic Bastiments, AFTER & eacute; s a & uacute; Last and by a steep scree. From the broad peak overlooking the area. The decline we can perform the same path or make a circuit round and descend the Coll del Gegant to the ski Vallter 2000.

To diriginos Coll Of Gegant, back a few meters down the same path of ascent Pic Bastiments until a dev & iacute; or to the left. We take this dev & iacute; o follow the ridge until a bifurcation & oacute; n. The left path goes to the Pic de la Dona, the right goes to the ski-run & iacute; Vallter 2000.

The path begins with a large zigzags down to finish planning on a hillside leaving us at the top of a ski run & iacute ;. Aqu & iacute; the path is lost and must go down between lifts and ski-run & iacute; until the building of the ski track & iacute ;.

From the cafeteria & iacute; a Vallter2000 take the road that lead us & aacute; m & aacute soon; s 5 minutes to leave the parking lot where veh & iacute;. parked ass

         Stage profile: Pic de Bastiments
Stage profile: Pic de Bastiments

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