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Castellón - 1 Stages - 3Km. - 300Pos/300Neg - Easy - Round trip - Castellón
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Located in the Castellon region of El Maestrat, is visible from almost the entire coast of the province of Castellón.

Its height 1813 meters, making it the second highest peak in Valencia after the Cerro Calderon in the inner region of Ademuz Corner (located between the provinces of Cuenca and Teruel).

Declared as a national park by the Generalitat Valenciana in 2006.

Its summit is split into three peaks, being the highest peak east of them.

The south wall, a vertical drop of nearly 300 meters, is a meeting place for climbers.

The north side, much more accessible and relatively gentle slope, is what allows access to the top of a much more peaceful way, about 30 minutes from the Corral. At this point is accessible by car from the track that starts just before the chapel, or the ravine of La Pegunta (a walk of about 3 km. Inslight increase).

Resumen de la ruta
lugar Lugar Número de estapas Días Longitud Longitud Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Negativo Desnivel Desnivel Negativo Dificultad Dificultad Tipo de ruta
Tipo ruta
Castellón 1 3 Km. 300 m. 300 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Peñagolosa | Entre Montañas

1. Peñagolosa


Distance: 3 Km.Up/Downhill 300 m. - Up/Downhill 300 m.Time: 01:00 h.

The path or paths that climb to the top est & aacute; n s perfectly marked SYMBOLS PR (white and yellow). The ascension & oacute; n is done by the traditional way of Pegunta and can be done in just m & aacute;. S half hour

Peak Pe & ntilde; agolosa stands out from other peaks that surround offering a beautiful panorama of the regions of El Maestrat, L & rsquo; Alcalatà & eacute;. N, Alt Millars, etc

The descent follows the same path. From the car park you can descend to the Sanctuary of Sant Joan de Penyagolosa along the track we had & iacute;.
Masters come
Penyagolosa is one of the m & aacute; s beautiful parts of Valencia and thus the Councillor & iacute; Tourism has proposed to convert Protected Natural Park. & Nbsp;

The beauty of the landscape and value ecol & oacute; cal, with areas of pine and more & iacute; ace around make it a placemuch visited, no s & oacute; it for hikers but also & eacute; n by many schools, related leisure time associations


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