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The Pedraforca is one of the most famous mountains of Catalonia. This mountain has a particular shape with two peaks (the upper peak 2497 meters and 2491 meters of Calderer). The nearest villages are Gósol and Saldes. Pedraforca is located in the Sierra del Cadi.

In 1982 it was declared by the Parliament of Catalonia nature reserve of national interest.

Pedraforca is a particularly attractive mountain formation by its U-shaped profile was formed about 25 million years ago. Wind erosion and water gave its present form at the top, which is composed of more sensitive materials to erosion. Additionally, periods of freezing and thawing have gradually crumbled rock forming the famous Tartera of the south face.

A little before reaching Berguedà Guardiola, after passing the tunnel of Collet, a road to the left is caught going haciSaldes and Gósol. We need to move people and Saldes, meters, see the sign on the right, we take the viewpoint of Gresolet (place of departure of the tour).

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Barcelona 1 7 Km. 1000 m. 1000 m. Alta Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Pedraforca | Entre Montañas

1. Pedraforca


Distance: 7 Km.Up/Downhill 1.000 m. - Up/Downhill 1.000 m.Time: 04:00 h.

The ascension & oacute; n starts at the Mirador Gresolet (1,530 m), where you take a path that lead us & aacute; in approximately 15 minutes until the shelter Llu & iacute; s Estasen (1,640 m)


We plan back sides & aacute; s shelter while we saw below us the trail we stopped and leads into Collell (1,845 m). We crossed the channel Riambau and turn left in direction & oacute; na Orenetes the grotto which is the beginning of the surge channel Verdet (1,950 m).

From here & iacute; tom & aacute must, I rselo easy because the gap is important and Ascent & oacute; n becomes quite hard. To our left we see the dramatic northern slope of Pedraforca, where climbers climb. A little m & aacute; s effort and reached the hill of Verdet (2,270 m - 2.20 h).

From this point, we face the end. It is a constant grimpada to Polleg & oacute; Itsupper Pedraforca (2,497 m). It is the part m & aacute; s dangerous. Some brands of paint that will guide us along the canal rock. You need help in both hands and pay attention & oacute; n. Not to throw stones down

AFTER & eacute; s for a while grimpada arrived at a summit (2,400 m), then another (2,450 m) and AFTER & eacute; s, on the NW edge, ascend to Polleg & oacute; Superior (2497), without losing ning STILL time paint brands that facilitate grimpada (3.30 h).

To download, the best way is to do it by Enforcadura. To do this, we follow a canal from the top to drive us & aacute; straight to the point m & aacute; s top of the Enforcadura. From here & iacute ;, dominates the pan on all sides.

To the right wall Polleg & oacute; Lower Pedraforca. Now we have to go down the pan watching because there are places that we can slip easily.

Thel enter the forest we found a very flat road, to drive us & aacute; again to the shelter Llu & iacute;. s Estasen (1,640 m)

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