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Granada - 2 Stages - 24Km. - 2.000Pos/2.000Neg - Hig - Round trip - Granada July 2009
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Mulhacen is the highest peak in the Iberian peninsula, and not of Spain This honor has the Teide 3,718. The height of the Mulhacen is 3.482 m and is part of the Sierra Nevada National Park. Located in the province of Granada belonging to Sierra Nevada in the mountains Penibética .

The word Mulhacen comes from Muley Hacén, castellanización name Mulay Hasan before last Moorish king of Granada in the fifteenth century, which they say was buried on this mountain.

While its height is not exceptional, is the highest peak in Europe outside the Caucasus and the Alps, excluding the Teide and some peaks of Greenland although politically part of Europe geographically belong to Africa and North America respectively.

Afterl Mont Blanc and Mount Etna Mulhacen is the third highest peak in Western Europe and is ranked 64 in the world rankings.

The bill has a fairly mild south side presents no difficulty. The north side, shorter access is slightly steeper.

The rise that we present here performed in two steps:

1. From the Powerhouse Campaneira 1,500 meters to the Shelter Poqueira located 2,500 meters (approximately 1,000 meters of altitude positive).
2. On the second day, from the haven Poqueira to the peak of Mulhacen 3,482 m. and from the beak to the Hydroelectric (about 1,000 meters positive and negative altitude 2,000 meters).

Although we have already commented that the ascent to Mulhacen has no technical difficulty keep in mind that a vertical drop of 4000 meters accumulated in two days can be a hard journey, but it has the adequate fitness.

Needless to say, if you decide to do in the summer months, the gap will have to add a suffocating heat especially in the first stage can really be an asset to this ascension problem.

href="/montanas/imagesuploads/mulhacen-mapa.png" Download the map of the climb Mulhacen.

Resumen de la ruta
lugar Lugar Número de estapas Días Longitud Longitud Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Negativo Desnivel Desnivel Negativo Dificultad Dificultad Tipo de ruta
Tipo ruta
Granada 2 24 Km. 2000 m. 2000 m. Alta Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Mulhacén | Entre Montañas

1. Central Eléctrica - Refugio de Poqueira


Distance: 7 Km.Up/Downhill 1.000 m. - Up/Downhill 50 m.Time: 03:00 h.
Central Eléctrica - Refugio de Poqueira

The trail starts at the Power Plant Poqueira , located about 1,550 meters. At this point you can reach by car down the road from Campaneira and about two miles take the turning to the Centra Hydroelectric indicated by a track in good condition.

In that place where the two major tributaries that lead to Poqueira Naute River and Toril A little further on, next to an information board. of hiking trails in the area there begins the path we must take, on the right bank of the river Naute .

The trail begins with a steep climb, weaving and gaining altitude quickly, always following the course of the river Naute. We found multiple branches of the path, our path is always parallel to the river Naute , as marked in white and yellow.

After a strongstarted to climb down, down to the river and crossing near the Cortijo of Island. The valley narrows and the path enters a ravine with lush vegetation, while across the river we can see a beautiful waterfall that plunges down ravine.

Shortly after starting the steep climb that takes us after crossing the Acequia Baja, the Farmhouse Outlets located 2144 meters above sea level and after 4,500 km. And about two hours of walking, and subsequently to the Acequia Alta.

We went on a trail with a steep slope until finally smoothes the path and can spot a few meters Poqueira Refuge in the Black Hole of Rock.

arrive at the shelter located at 2,500 meters after 7 miles and about 3 hours of walking around .

Profile Status: Power Station (1,550 m) - Cortijo Las Tomas (4.5 km, 2,144 m) - Refugio Poqueira (7 km, 2500 m)

         Stage profile: Central Eléctrica - Refugio de Poqueira
Stage profile: Central Eléctrica - Refugio de Poqueira

2. Refugio Poqueira - Mulhacén - Hidroeléctrica


Distance: 17 Km.Up/Downhill 1.000 m. - Up/Downhill 2.000 m.Time: 07:00 h.
Refugio Poqueira - Mulhacén - Hidroeléctrica

From the Shelter Poqueira is a path towards the Veleta (located overlooking the refuge road on our left). This trail flattens until the Rio Mulhacen to start up the valley, in an area where there is a well marked path but simply follow the river where we would be more comfortable.

After about 3,500 kilometers and a 1: 30h of walking we reached the Laguna de Majano located about 3,000 meters. Beside this gap we have the haven unsaved La Caldera.

From the vicinity of the Laguna Caldera , and after crossing the track, leaves the path that goes up to Mulhacen . This ridge is easy to distinguish several trails that climb to the peak but worth the climb to the ridge direct to reach Deer Collado from where there are magnificent views of the Hoya Mulhacen on the north side, with stunning views of the Laguna de la Mosca at the bottom of the North Face Mulhacen .

From here we take the path of the hill rising quite strongly by the west side of the Mulhacen . After about 1 hour climb from the Boiler , we arrive at Mulhacen , the highest peak of the peninsula and from where we have splendid views over the peaks around us.

We have about 5,150 km and 2: 30h. Walk from our starting point


The descent follows the same path, after a half hour descent, we arrived at the track that crossed near the Laguna Caldera . Here we take the same path that climbed following the River Mulhacen or take the track flattens toward the shelter.

We will follow thissecond option.

After about an hour and a decline des 2920 meters altitude is time to leave the track. We will see some stone markers to indicate where we must begin to fall, but no way indicated, so just start off at the shelter clear direction.

For half an hour we arrive at the shelter. We have about 10 miles and about 4 hours walk from the exit of the Refuge.

From this point take the path by which we ascended the first day. We have a drop of about 1,000 feet to the Hydroelectric by Poqueira Gorge.

We arrive at the Central 17Km and after about 6-7 hours of hiking and 3000 meters accumulated.

If you have achieved: Congratulations on your achievement and will touch the roof of Iberian Peninsula


Profile Status: Poqueira Refuge (2500 m) - Laguna de Majano (3.5 Km, 3000 m) -Mulhacen (5.2 km, 3482 m) - Track (7.5 km, 3000 m) - Forward track (8.5 km, 2900 m) - Poqueira Refuge (10 km, 2500 m) - Cortijo Las Tomas ( 12.5 km, 2,144 m) - Power Station (17 km, 1550 m)


         Stage profile: Refugio Poqueira - Mulhacén - Hidroeléctrica
Stage profile: Refugio Poqueira - Mulhacén - Hidroeléctrica

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