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 Moixeró y Penyes Altes...
Girona - 1 Stages - Km. - 680Pos/680Neg - Medium - Round trip - Girona
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Hoja  Moixeró y Penyes Altes...

This mountain located straddling the counties of Cerdanya and Berguedà worth a visit for its beauty and views that can be seen from its summit.

This peak is located in the Natural Park Moixeró.

The Natural Park Moixeró is the largest in Catalonia and is located between the provinces of Barcelona, ??Girona and Lleida, in the area of ??the counties of Berguedá, Alt Urgell and Cerdanya.

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Girona 1 Km. 680 m. 680 m. Media Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Moixeró y Penyes Altes | Entre Montañas

1. Moixeró y Penyes Altes


Up/Downhill 680 m. - Up/Downhill 680 m.Time: 05:00 h.
Moixeró y Penyes Altes

The starting point is from Cortals refuge (1,600 m). & Nbsp; This shelter is an excellent base for the ascension & oacute; n & aacute m; s c & oacute; fashion. Saved in summer and some weekends.

To get to the point we will leave the track Bellver de l'England, through which the GR-107 or Cam & iacute; Cathars. We follow the trail that leads to the hill of Pend & iacute; s left to the right or the GR-107 Cam & iacute; Cathars. A s & eacute; rie loops through the forest of red pine and black make us gain height by Gra & nbsp; Cireres. We link to the track Riu de Cerdanya (1,760 m - 0h20 '). We followed her to the right and almost immediately see another track m & aacute; s close to the left. The pick up. Ascension & oacute; n gentle but constant trav & eacute;. S black pine forest

We arrived at Coll de Trappe (1.810 m - 0h30 '). The track we followed around the MOUNTAINS to the Black Forest and then down towards the refugio Serrat Esposes them. The left and take another right. At first it is a strong inclination & oacute; n, by the same ridge that AFTER & eacute; s going suaviazando. We crossed a meadow and a rocky colladito. AHEAD & oacute; n turn left and around the northern side of tur & oacute; Prat Alegre by Bagues Riu, set in a lush forest of pines and avetos. Ascension & oacute; n mild, leaving the forest to face a hill behind & aacute; s which is Moixer Plain & oacute ;. Excellent view of the Altes Penyes and Moixer & oacute ;, very close to us. Caba & ntilde; on our left. A little m & aacute; s down on the lower level, there is a fountain. Turn right, following a marked path, and crossed the plain part to get over the ridge of the mountains.

bequeath Dental Coll (1.970 m- 1h25 ') where we have explendida view Bergued & aggravation ;. Uni & oacute; n the road from the rSant Jordi and evasion which goes over the mountain (GR-150-1, white and red). We circled the Moixer & oacute; its northern slope, covered with c & eacute; sped up a buttress where we turn right to get to another hill. Tambi & eacute; n can reach here & iacute; the ridge, past the top of Moixer & oacute; (2,078 m) and an increase in schedule s & oacute; what minnutos 10


Moixer Coll & oacute; (1,990 m - 1h45 '). Steep slopes bergadanas contrast with the slope of the Cerdanya, much m & aacute; s soft. We rounded one mont & iacute; ass down the left side. Increases inclination & oacute; n and cross a meadow to lose another hill


Collet Raset (2,045 m - 1h55 ') the road descends the Channel Serp, in the shed & nbsp; Berga until Gr & eacute; Ixer (Greixa). Continue along the GR-150-1, which adientra in a forest of pines. Gentle slope.

Deviation to the Leftrda (2,090 m - 2h00). This way, quite marked, Penyes Altres surrounding the north. Do we have to take. We follow our own, gaining altitude loops through the woods. M & aacute; s up will have to find a way through the south side, but AHEAD & oacute; n re-progressing along the north side (Cerdanya). Winding and beautiful tour of cornices, buttresses and LITTLE snowy hills where I use ice ax and crampons may be necessary


Penyes Altes the Moixer & oacute; (2,276 m - 2h30 '). The twin tip, a little m & aacute; s low (2.260 m) is s & oacute; as 3 minutes. Milestone indicator v & eacute; rtice the three prov & iacute; nces, we are in the v & eacute; rtice the provinces of Lleida, Girona and Barcelona. For its excellent situation & oacute; n, this MOUNTAIN to possess a very extensive view south from the Llobregat valley, but also & eacute;. N of the eastern Pyrenees and Cerdanya in general

The drop what realizaremos by the same route of ascent (2h). One option & oacute; n interesting is continuing on the GR-15

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