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 Matagalls desde Collformic...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - 3Km. - 637Pos/637Neg - Easy - Round trip -
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Hoja  Matagalls desde Collformic...

The Matagalls with a height of 1,699 meters and located in the Osona in Barcelona is located in the Montseny Natural Park.

Montseny Natural Park and Sant Llorenç de Munt i l'Obac are closest and frequented the Barcelona metropolitan area parks. Located about 50 km. North of Barcelona. Montseny Natural Park was declared the 1978 and later by the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve 1987. Its name comes from the Latin Mont Signis (Signal Mountain) given by the Romans in their approach by sea to the mainland. It has three distinct areas, the Turo de l'home to 1,703 m. and Agudes 1.703m, on the one hand (west), the Matagalls with 1.697m. and to the west the plateau de la Calma, with its flagship Puig Drau top of 1.344m.

To access the trailhead from the C17 towards Vic took off Tona. We take theBV-5303 to Balenyà. Arriving at Seva take the BV-5301 toward El Brull, a kilómetos more, past El Brull Collformic arrived at where we left the car.

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Barcelona 1 3 Km. 637 m. 637 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Matagalls desde Collformic | Entre Montañas

1. Matagalls


Distance: 3 Km.Up/Downhill 637 m. - Up/Downhill 637 m.Time: 01:30 h.

The way forward est & aacute; perfectly marked. The excursion & oacute; n starts right at the bend in the road up a Pelda & ntilde; os stone. We climbed a small & ntilde; o boards and cross section of a forest path. Continue east along the Tur & oacute; Bessa d'through the Pl & aggravation; the Barraca.

We continue east, flat, hanging Tur & ograve; Gros its north side, here & iacute; again begins to climb the road to let us & aacute; Creu de Catalunya on top of Matagalls. AFTER & eacute; s & iacute contemplate Magnolia; fica view, we start our way back along the same route


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