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 Matagalls desde Sant Marçal Montseny...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - 8Km. - 600Pos/600Neg - Easy - Round trip - Barcelona in April 2008
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Hoja  Matagalls desde Sant Marçal Montseny...

The rise Matagalls is a classic and certainly one of the mountains of Montseny more appreciated by mountaineers. Matagalls beech trees, Coll Pregon (devoid curious hill amidst the lush greenery beech) is crossed.

The views from the summit are superb: Viladrau, Montseny and on clear days you can get the serralada versa Montserrat and the Pyrenees, from the Sierra del Cadi the Canigou prepirinaicas through the mountains


The top is rounded and poorly defined north side and has a rather steep and craggy, while the southern side is the slope and undulating forms.

In a cross Matagalls notable proportions of people Viladrau has been renewed every time the weather have destroyed is installed. The first dates from 1840 and is attributed Claret father.

This itinerary partand Sant Marcal Montseny and follows a section of the GR 5.2, implying that the trail is perfectly suited and has not lost any.

To get to Sant Marcal Montseny from Barcelona take the A7 towards Girona. Take exit 11 towards Sant Celoni. Once in this town take the detour to Santa Fe del Montseny which is about 18 Km. We follow this road to Sant Marcal Montseny, about 7.5 miles further, where there is a small car park which starts right from the ascension.

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lugar Lugar Número de estapas Días Longitud Longitud Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Negativo Desnivel Desnivel Negativo Dificultad Dificultad Tipo de ruta
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Barcelona 1 8 Km. 600 m. 600 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Matagalls desde Sant Marçal Montseny | Entre Montañas

1. Matagalls


Distance: 8 Km.Up/Downhill 600 m. - Up/Downhill 600 m.Time: 03:00 h.

At the very end of the parking lot located at 1090 meters we find the GR 5.2 not abandon all the way.

First we began to ascend a sandy path, r & aacute; quickly abandon this path to incorporate us & nbsp; forest track r & aacute; quickly becomes a steep slope and trail running between lush beech


The road always runs within this beech forest, at first steep subsequently softened from where you can overlook a splendid view of the Montseny mountain (Turo L & rsquo; Home and Agudes) to reach the Coll Pregon to 1535 meters of altitude.

The Coll Pregon is a large grassy in the middle of the dense forest and one of the places plain m & aacute; s beautiful Montseny. There is a SMALL or monolith dedicated to Pau Casals in the meadow


The road to Matagalls again enter the hayedor which makes a new & uacute; & oacute last ascension;. n

AFTER & eacute; s, after leaving the forest, we look at the l & iacute; nea main Matagalls crest, from where you can see the background his high cross. We continued on up the ridge to the summit of Matagalls with an altitude of 1,699 meters and after a walk of about two hours.

The return along the same path or you can go down to Collformic following the same GR 5.2 which we ascended. If we choose the latter option & oacute; n we have presvisto return from Collformic to Sant Ocean & ccedil; at the Montseny


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