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 La Tossa Plana de Lles...
Girona - 1 Stages - 13Km. - 966Pos/966Neg - Medium - Round trip -
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Hoja  La Tossa Plana de Lles...

Tossa Plana Lles (2,916 m.) Is the second highest mountain in the Cerdanya, surpassed only by the Carlit (French Cerdanya) which is 6 meters high. With all this, perhaps is the least frequented of the four that exceed 2,900 m (Carlit Puigmal Puigpedrós and Tossa itself), which is a clear contradiction as it enjoys quick and easy access for its southern slope . This is because it does not enjoy popular recognition with its neighbors.

Since its flattened summit a very extensive view, perhaps one of the best in the Cerdanya is observed. You can get to see on a clear day Maladeta, Posets, the Retriever, the Pica d'Estats, the mountains of Andorra, the Carlit and even the Canigou. To the south the northern spurs of the Sierra del Cadi and much of the pre-Pyrenees can be seen

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Girona 1 13 Km. 966 m. 966 m. Media Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

La Tossa Plana de Lles | Entre Montañas

1. La Tossa Plana de Lles


Distance: 13 Km.Up/Downhill 966 m. - Up/Downhill 966 m.Time: 05:30 h.
La Tossa Plana de Lles

The trail starts at the Rec Cap refuge (1,950 m.). To access this retreat, leaving the T & uacute; nel Cad & iacute; the north face the N-260 direction is picked & oacute; na la Seu d'Urgell. Once we had a dev Martinet & iacute; or the right that leads to Lles (km 9) and once all & iacute ;, continue to Cap Shelter Rec (15 km). If we go up a little m & aacute; s with car we can do to Pradell Refuge (17 km) by a dirt track in good condition


We take the right path to shelter Pradell, in this section we go through forest area and do not save too much slope, in 45 minutes we arrived at Pradell. We crossed the track that goes to Els Estanys Pear and follow the path to Tossa Plana Lles, from here & iacute; This is where the ascension begins & oacute; n. The trail begins by chopping up forest area, a little m & aacute; s found a plain top, cross it and start the party m & aacute;s takes the ascension & oacute; n. AFTER & eacute; s this stretch of rising ground flattens out a bit, we undertake further rise but somewhat softer than the last to go through another SMALL or flat and start AFTER & eacute; s to raise the final part


The return along the same path.

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