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 La Mesa de los tres Reyes...
Navarra - 1 Stages - 16Km. - 1.200Pos/1.200Neg - Medium - Round trip - May 2010
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Hoja  La Mesa de los tres Reyes...

three wise
La Mesa de los Tres Reyes or Euskera Hiru Erregeen Mahaia takes this name because it is the junction between the present province of Huesca, Navarra and the French state . Formerly the connection between the ancient kingdoms of Aragón, Navarra and France.

With its 2444 meters altitude, is the highest peak of Navarra and also the highest peak Basque Country .

The starting point of this climb is the Linza Refuge , located 1,320 meters above sea level, which can be reached after passing the town of Huesca Anso , and camping Zuriza for a track in good condition.


Resumen de la ruta
 Lugar   Nº    Km.   Des. Desnivel Positivo   Des. Desnivel Negativo   Nivel 
  Navarra     1     16     1200     1200     Media     Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta  

La Mesa de los tres Reyes | Entre Montañas

1. La Mesa de los tres Reyes


Distance: 16 Km.Up/Downhill 1.200 m. - Up/Downhill 1.200 m.Time: 03:30 h.
La Mesa de los tres Reyes

trailhead leaves the Refuge Linza , located 1,320 meters, crossing the creek on a wooden bridge. The road begins to climb a very depressed and marked trail that bottom part of the car park.

After 30 minutes we reached a plateau, the road begins to turn left. We spotted a small cabin, but do not go to her. We cross the creek and rise a grassy hillside, leaving the cabin to our right. Gain height above the plain and little shelter.

We continue ascending until the Collado Linza located approximately 1936 meters of altitude, and after walking about 1:15 h. Before us a plain surrounded by high peaks opens La Mesa de los Tres Reyes is the bottom left and Petrechema on our right


took the road to the left, a path that starts at perder some height without porblemas to surround the Foyas of Solana, gullies or Dolinas karstic.

crossed a small stream and begin to ascend again towards the northeast. Half an hour later we passed a limestone area, marked by milestones.

The road crosses the

lapiaz (karst) and continue to the right. We are winning a trough height: at this point we find many marked trails, all are directed towards mountain barrier we have in front between stony pastures


three hours of walking, we reached a small hill. From here we only have the final effort.

ascend to another small pass before the final grinpada and walk the rocks of the ridge with some difficulty and some more air to another step.

3:30 h caminta got to the mythical Table Three Kings or Hiru Erregeen Mahaia . At the top is a figure of San FrJavier ancisco and a model of the castle.

From the top we have a wide mountain panorama, which highlights peaks as Anie , Petrechema (impressive from this prespective) Bisaurín, Aspe and Balaitús .

second peak has a top, a little lower to the east. The trail follows the ridge, a few meters away a pequela descend and climb the Pic de la Table (2421 meters altitude), a large antecima formed by decomposed slate reaches .

return along the same path.

         Stage profile: La Mesa de los tres Reyes
Stage profile: La Mesa de los tres Reyes

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