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 La Gallina Pelada...
Girona - 1 Stages - 7Km. - 730Pos/730Neg - Easy - Round trip - May 2010
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Hoja  La Gallina Pelada...

Gallina Pelada

La Serra d'Ensija is a very beautiful place, as these mountains gathered the best of the middle and upper mountain. The scenery is magnificent with beautiful mountain views of Pedraforca. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful climbs of Alt Berguedà.

Pedraforca It is one of the most famous mountains of Catalonia. This mountain has a particular shape with two peaks (the upper peak 2497 meters and 2491 meters of Calderer). The nearest villages are Gósol and Saldes. Pedraforca is located in the Sierra del Cadi.

In 1982 it was declared by the Parliament of Catalonia nature reserve of national interest.
Pedraforca Spice is a rock formationly attractive for its U-shaped profile was formed about 25 million years ago. Wind erosion and water gave its present form at the top, which is composed of more sensitive materials to erosion. Additionally, periods of freezing and thawing have gradually crumbled rock forming the famous Tartera of the south face.


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Girona 1 7 Km. 730 m. 730 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

La Gallina Pelada | Entre Montañas

1. La Gallina Pelada


Distance: 7 Km.Up/Downhill 730 m. - Up/Downhill 730 m.Time: 02:30 h.
La Gallina Pelada

The starting point of the trail is located on the road between Saldes with G & oacute; Sun . This road passes by the Coll de la Trapa . At the top of the hill take the dev & iacute; o on the left and continue along the road in direction & oacute; na Vallcebre. At the height of Font Freda (1,680 m), leave the veh & iacute; ass in one of the small & ntilde; os parking. At this point there is no marker only & oacute; n and therefore some must pay much attention & oacute; na stairs made with cross bar & ntilde; os wood to drive us & aacute;. N to the source

We are heading southbound, up stairs, down to the Font Freda . We follow the road southwest direction, adentr & aacute; ndonos in & nbsp; forest and climbing gently. A few meters to our right we see the Torrent de la Font d & rsquo; Ensija


The terrain becomes m & aacute; s rocky ascendemyou by a steeper area.

Or playpen to keep sheep;

a meadow known as Planella Petita (1,880 m), where there is a SMALL is reached. We continue the ascension & oacute; n in Southeast sense trav & eacute; s of a soil with a fairly steep slope until the end of the forest (1,980 m and 40 minutes from the car park) is reached. We are in it Great Planella .

We continue ascending in southeastern direction, crossing a bell & iacute; simo meadow. The path draws an upward diagonal from right to left and then another right turn, reaching a fairly flat area (2,150 m 1:15 pm from the parking lot). The place is beautiful, Great Pla and Clot d & rsquo;. Ensija are two wonderful places

We turn right to head in a southeasterly direction to trav & eacute; s of a road that climbs a very soft, almost flat area. It goes up to the end of the grassy knoll and reached the Delgado shelter STILL beda or d & rsquo; Ensija (2156 m 1:25 pm)


From the refuge should continue in the direction northwest, making a long diagonal that lead us & aacute; to the top of the hill.

We continue gently ascending first and then northwest to west to trav & eacute; s of a well defined path to a pass (2,226 m and 1:40 h) and near the summit


From the hill climbs f & aacute; & oacute easily in direction; n northwest, until the crest is reached. Continue climbing up & eacute; sta and in less than 5 minutes reach the summit of Cap Llitzet or Gallina Pelada (2,327 m 1:45 pm)


& Eacute; his is a beautiful veranda overlooking the foothills and leading to the High Pyrenees Orientales. Excellent view of the south face of Pedraforca.

The trail we do it for the same itinerary.

         Stage profile: La Gallina Pelada
Stage profile: La Gallina Pelada

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