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 Coll de Jou...
Girona - 1 Stages - 9Km. - 650Pos/650Neg - Medium - Round trip - July 2014
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Coll de Jou is a mountain located in the town of Guixers at 1461.5 meters above sea level in the Sierra de Querol. Apart from a major transportation hub is also water partition between the Ebro and Llobregat. The Sierra de Querol [3] is a mountain located in the municipalities of the Coma and Pedra Guixers and Oden in the region of (Solsona), part of the Port del Comte mountain.

Port del Comte is a massif in the Catalan pre-Pyrenees, located halfway between the regions of Solsona and Alt Urgell. Its highest peak is Els Quatre Pedró Batlles of 2,383 m. On the north side of the massif there implanted eponymous station downhill skiing.

The tree vegetation is oak and pine at the base and red pine in most parts of the massif. In the upper classes (2000-2100 m), there are black pine with some spruce, until they are replaced by pratwo Alpine.

The massif consists of several orographic units: l Sierra de Querol, Puig Sobira, Prats Baci, the Port del Comte Sierra and Sierra Oden are the main Girona

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Girona 1 9 Km. 650 m. 650 m. Media Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Coll de Jou | Entre Montañas

1. Coll de Jou


Distance: 9 Km.Up/Downhill 650 m. - Up/Downhill 650 m.Time: 04:30 h.
Coll de Jou

From Urus , the road to the church that leads to Font Freda within the same village gets. Once there follow the road, you will pass by the cemetery, which is left to the right, and continue in the same direction on the road that is now on track.

We still do not leave the trail about 3.7 km. until a signpost towards the Refuge of Cortal Vidal. We will take left towards the Coll de Jou, leaving the vehicle parked at this location, although the track is but a few meters there is a sign indicating that circulate under penalty of 300 ? is prohibited.

We started the march for a wide track to meet our left, a porticón with a chain. We have to take this new track, until you reach a grassy plane where we leave the track and take a path to our left. In this place will find a sign indicating we Fontllebrera, and streamsoon disappear.

We started the climb up the path marked with yellow and white markings, and climbing mercilessly. The road has not lost, and all marked up. At some point the road becomes smoother and gives us a break, but it continues to Coll.

Once in Coll found a sign that indicates that we are not in the Coll de Jou, right we Penyes Altes and left the Tossa d'Alp. This point is also a point of cruise travel Cavalls Vent .

We rest, eat and back the same way.

         Stage profile: Coll de Jou
Stage profile: Coll de Jou

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