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Francia - 1 Stages - 15Km. - 900Pos/900Neg - Hig - Round trip - France
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The Carlit is the highest peak of the French department of Pyrénées-Orientales.

Part of capcir granite massif, which is dotted with 27 lakes and small lakes in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon, northwest from Font-Romeu. Its summit is located at 2921 meters, allowing observe an immense panorama (from the Canigou to the Central Pyrenees).

The Carlit is the highest mountain in the Cerdanya (both part of the Catalan and French) and the eastern Pyrenees. It is located in the so-called Alta Cerdanya (France) and a height of 2,921 m. Its slopes have the second largest concentration of glacial lakes across the Pyrenean mountains, only surpassed by the stunning National Park Aigüestortes in the province of Lleida.

Of course, it is much visited. At the end of a year many people may step on its summit and Aneto, Monte Perdido and the Pica d'Estats. Por this reason, his ascent in the summer becomes a procession.

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Francia 1 15 Km. 900 m. 900 m. Alta Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Carlit | Entre Montañas

1. Carlit


Distance: 15 Km.Up/Downhill 900 m. - Up/Downhill 900 m.

To begin this ascension & oacute; n have to leave the car in the parking lot of Lake Bullosa. In summer the path up to this lake est & aacute; closed and is mandatory catch a autob & uacute;. s

The trail begins just AFTER & eacute;. S to cross the lake dam a few meters from the main entrance

It starts climbing inside a & nbsp; forest to leave a SMALL. Or we have to trace Valley

From here & iacute ;, started seeing numerous ponds. The first is the Estany of Viver (2,143 m), which we leave to the right, and shortly after & eacute; s Estany Negre (2,145 m) on the other side. Fifteen minutes m & aacute; s late, also crossed & eacute; n Comassa ponds (2,150 m) and Sec (2,160 m). From here & iacute ;, we turn left into Great Plains to get to & nbsp; Estany llat on whose banks est & aacute; Fr & egrave refuge; res Aymard (2,150 m)


It is curious that this zona full of water to call D & eacute; sert du Carlit but the truth is that in winter the entire plateau is covered by a large blanket of snow convirti & eacute;. Ndolo in a white desert

We head north to skirt the & nbsp; Estany Llong to the right: there is a way that will give the neat path that goes above & nbsp; Estany Sobirans, going through some quarries and rises diagonally increasingly m & aacute;. s strong until 100 meters north of the summit

In this snippet of the trail is important to go fij & aacute; ndose in marks (c CIRCLES red) on the black stone, so we reduce the m & aacute; maximum danger that supondr & iacute;. To stay on the path

We will follow the ridge to the left until the climax of Carlit (2,921 m).

The return along the same path.

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