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Huesca - 1 Stages - 14Km. - 1.500Pos/1.500Neg - Hig - Round trip - September 2009
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Aneto with an altitude of 3404 meters above sea level is the peak highest of all the mountains Pyrenees . Located in the Benasque Valley , Province Huesca , is part of the massif of the Maladeta in the Parque Natural Posets-Maladeta .

Aneto is the largest glacier in the Pyrenees , on the north side and from 2,810 feet above sea level, with more than 100 acres surface.

The rise to Aneto is the toughest of all the Pyrenees , although most of the different routes to climb Aneto have no technical difficulty, we must Keep in mind that this is a very demanding peak the gap to overcome, more than 3,000 meters accumulated, and the presence of the glacier, which is morean hour's walk on the largest glacier the Pyrenees, which carries risks.

To make this ascension must have the approximate time that the route may be more than 10 hours of actual walking, without breaks or tails that occur in the Step Muhammad , etc. For this reason it is advisable to leave very early in the morning.

Also keep in mind that at any time of year and need cranpones mountain ice ax, or sticks to pass the glacier.

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lugar Lugar Número de estapas Días Longitud Longitud Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Negativo Desnivel Desnivel Negativo Dificultad Dificultad Tipo de ruta
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Huesca 1 14 Km. 1500 m. 1500 m. Alta Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Aneto | Entre Montañas

1. Aneto


Distance: 14 Km.Up/Downhill 1.500 m. - Up/Downhill 1.500 m.Time: 09:00 h.

The start of the route is in the Plan Besurta to 1920 meters. To get to this point, from Benasque road that follows the course of the r & iacute is taken; or & Eacute; will that leads to the dam Paso Nuevo. Past this dam get Senarta plan. From here & iacute; the road reaches the plan's Hospital and then to plan Besurta (1920 m).

Keep in mind that the road from the Hospital plan to plan Besurta is cut off during the summer months (until September 14) by the large influx of p & uacute; public. S of 15 minutes, during these months buses that travel in m & aacute bit enabled. The schedule of these buses is at 5: 00h and 5: 30h and from 8: 00h service runs continuously until 20: 30h with a frequency of about 30 minutes (m & aacute; s information & oacute; n in www.alosa.es or tel & eacute;. phone 902 210 700)

From & nbsp; Besurta plan, you start down a path that we take & aacute in about 35 minutes; to the shelter of the Renclusa 2,160 meters and 1.70 after kil & oacute; m walk. The Refuge is Renclusa & aacute; located on the north side of the massif of Maladeta, and is the m & aacute; s high in the Pyrenees. It has a capacity of 93 seats

From the shelter of the rocky road goes Renclusa marked by numerous milestones. We must pay close attention & oacute; n as there are many paths that go to the top of Aneto. The correct path takes direction & oacute; n SE, and runs parallel to the crest of the Portillones, rising from the base of Peak to Peak Renclusa Maladeta
. The ridge is traversed by Portill & oacute; n Bottom (2738 m) or the Superior Portillon (2870 m). These are Portillones LITTLE gaps in the ridge as communicating with a shedother

Once through the portillon, after 4 kil & oacute; m and 2:30 hour walk ahead a huge crag that lead us & aacute; to the base of the glacier located 3050 meters of altitude you arrive after 5 kil & oacute; m and 3: 30h. walk

On the glacier we headed diagonally up slightly to reach the hill of Crowns (3198 meters altitude). From here & iacute; we find one of the sections m & aacute; s hard for the entire journey. This is the & uacute; last section of glacier that has a fuert & iacute;. Slope simo

AFTER & eacute; s going through this last stretch of the glacier, after 6.50 kil & oacute; m to 4:30 hours of hiking, we are located at 3,250 meters altitude and we faced STILL challenge last of this m & iacute; tica ascension & oacute; n & quot; El Paso Muhammad & quot; (7 km, 4:40 h, 3390 m), a step of about 50 meters long with little difficulty but very & eacute; reo and expuesto. This step is usually full of people waiting to go through what the wait time can exceed an hour.

After passing Step Muhammad reached the top of the Aneto (3404 m) after 7 kil & oacute;. Meters and 5 hours walk

The descent follows the same route in about 4 hours.

Stage Profile: Besurta Plan (1920 m) - The Refuge Renclusa (1.70 Km, 35 min, & nbsp; 2,160 m) - Portill & oacute; n Lower (4 km, 2:30 h, 2738 m ) - Glacier Base (5 km, 3:30 h, 3050 m) - Col of Crowns (6 km, 4 h, 3198 m) & ndash; End of the glacier (6.50 km 4:30 pm 3250m) - Step Muhammad (7km 4:40 h, 3390 m) & ndash; Treetop Aneto (7.20 km, 5 h, 3404 m).

         Stage profile: Aneto
Stage profile: Aneto

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